Gf Vip, twist for Alfonso Signorini: it really happened

Gf Vip, twist for Alfonso Signorini and the most watched reality on our TV: it really happened.

It will be one of the first programs to return to air after the summer break and viewers are not in the skin. The GF Vip is ready to return with the seventh, very rich, edition, where there will be no lack of sensational twists.

Signorini at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

As always, in the months preceding the start, the rumors about the alleged cast are many. And, in this case, the indiscretion was confirmed by the possible competitor. We have already seen in the house in the guise of ‘vippona’, but who could return this year. Who is it about? Let’s find out all the details of this succulent anticipation.

Twist at GF Vip: it concerns the next edition

GF Vip is no stranger to returns. Just think, among others, of Cristiano Malgioglio and Valerina Marini, who have entered the most spied house on television more than once. Will there be a resounding return also in the number seven edition of the Canale 5 reality show?

The indiscretion spoke of the return home of an iconic protagonist of GF Vip 5, that of 2020. Who are we talking about? Of the Countess Patrizia De Blanck! And it was she who confirmed that she had received Alfonso Signorini’s proposal: a proposal that she, however, has not yet accepted. The countess explained that she is still thinking about it, as she is frightened by her being too far away from her daughter Jade: “I know what I’m going to encounter, I’m aware of it: it’s not a walk in the park”. De Blanck makes it known that she would only agree to return to the house if she had again private bedroom and bathroom, as in the previous edition. But that is not all!

The countess would like to take her home too his beloved little dog Alien: “I would suffer to be separated from him for so long”. Will the GF Vip accept all the requests of the countess? We’ll see! According to rumors, in the case of entry, Patrizia would compete as the only competitor with her social media manager, the influencer Lorenzo Castelluccio.

gf vip shot scene
Patrizia De Blanck (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait to find out if Countess De Blanck will be among the new Vipponi of GF 7! Would you like to see her again in the most spied-on house on TV?

The clues on the fifth competitor of the GF Vip

And in the Instagram Stories of Alfonso Signorini a new photo has appeared, which contains some clues about the fifth competitor of GF Vip 7. A keychain with a pacifier and a cellphone, with earphones. The web does not seem to have doubts: it is about Antonino Spinalbese, former boyfriend of Belen Rodriguez and father of little Luna Marì. On the Instagram profile of the hairstylist there is, in fact, a shot that portrays the very same objects shown by Signorini. It would be the first ever reality show for him.