GF Vip, twist: what no one would have ever expected

GF Vip, comes the twist in the reality show of Canale 5: no one could have imagined it; here’s what happened in the house.

A super lit post episode at GF Vip. During yesterday’s live broadcast, everything happened, from the letter from Marco Bellavia to the competitors to the meeting between Ginevra Lamborghini and his former teammates.

Casa GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Play)

An episode where there was no lack of moments of tension: the climate in the house is becoming more and more incandescent. And, even after the episode, everything happened. Discussions upon discussions, but what has left viewers speechless is a twist that took place a few hours ago. All the details below.

GF Vip, it happened after a heated fight: incredible twist

GF Vip 7 only started a few weeks ago, but everything has already happened in the most spied-on house on TV. Tensions between the Vippos are growing more and more and clashes are the order of the day. In the night, after the episode, it broke out a new heated quarrel between two competitors, who spared no strong words. Who are we talking about?

Of Patrizia Rossetti and Pamela Prati, two of the absolute protagonists of this edition of the Canale 5 reality show. Patrizia’s fury was unleashed by Pamela’s request to have a room all to herself, with a private bathroom. A request that the GF decided to accept, sparking Rossetti’s anger: during an outburst in the kitchen, the competitor let herself go with strong words even towards Signorini. The hatred between the two Vippos seemed to have skyrocketed, but here’s what happened shortly after.

Over the course of the day, the two competitors managed to put aside the divergent and they let themselves go to a tender embrace, in the living room. A very sweet scene, which excited the rest of the competitors present at that moment in that area of ​​the house. “This is the strength of women, you are beautiful, beautiful and accomplices“, Comments Carolina Marconi, who joins the embrace between the two competitors, together with Nikita Pelizon and Cristina Quaranta.

A happy ending that no one expected, after the bright tones of this night. Will peace really be restored between the two competitors or is it apparent calm?

gf vip shot scene
Patrizia and Pamela (Credits Twitter)

We just have to wait for the next few hours to find out any news and twists. Also with regard to Gegia: she too, after yesterday’s episode, was literally furious. The contestant was nominated by almost all of her roommates and she didn’t take it well at all. Will she be able to clarify and feel accepted by the group again? Keep following us for all the updates from the most spied on TV house.