GF Vip, “We took him out of the ***”: competitor talks about Marco Bellavia again

The criticisms against Marco Bellavia in the house of the GF Vip do not stop: competitor still uses very harsh words against him.

The news of the abandonment of the game by Marco Bellavia has not appeased the spirits of some competitors of the GF Vip against him. Even after reading the statement from Big Brother announcing his departure, another uproar broke out in the house: Antonella Fiordelisi he quarreled with Gegia and Wilma for defending him and clearly saying that Marco was the victim of their attacks without having received any help.

Marco Bellavia very hard words (Credits: Instagram)

The anxiety and fears of the former competitor were not understood by most of the competitors who for days mocked, insulted and marginalized him. Some have even accused him of pretending to be sick. Yesterday the decision to leave the game, amid the indignation of viewers and web users for the anything but human behavior reserved for their adventure companion.

On social networks, millions of comments hope an exemplary punishment for some of them and even expulsion from the program for others. Among the most criticized Gegia, Giovanni Ciacci, Elenoire Ferruzzi, Charlie Gnocchi, Patrizia Rossetti, Daniele Dal Moro, Wilma Goich. Even more disconcerting is the fact that even now the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam be the target of very heavy words, even though they are no longer part of the game.

E ‘of these hours a further merciless comment of one of the ‘Vipponi’ who have been most furious against Bellavia and who is inevitably triggering yet another revolt on social media.

GF Vip, Marco Bellavia out of the game: still very heavy words against him

The competitor who continued to use terrible words against the former roommate was Giovanni Ciacci. The star costume designer, who joined the program to send a message against discrimination against HIV-positive people like him, had had a strong argument with Bellavia after the last episode.

The latter had named him saying “I name Giovanni because his story is strong and therefore it will not come out”. This sentence was enough to infuriate Ciacci: after the live broadcast, Marco had approached him to clarify, but he had only remedied an avalanche of insults. “Listen, get off your ***, I don’t even want to talk to you anymore. Pardon? You just have to be ashamed, ”the costume designer had told him. Then he added: “Know that it is for those like you that discrimination exists. What you said is hideous and it sucks. Not because I have HIV am I different from you or my story is “.

Also in the hours following the episode, the former tronista Luca Salatino he had spent a few words in favor of Marco saying: “It makes me half tenderness”. Ciacci, however, had shown himself adamant: “Not for me! He doesn’t, because someone who says such a thing has no tenderness. Is he really exhausted? Oh well fuck about him certainly not mine “. The next morning, Marco had said good morning to him but he had come to say: “The longer you stay from me, the better”.

This surreal episode, added to many others, led to the exit of Marco who was literally torn to pieces by almost the whole house. Now, despite his absence, John has not calmed down at all towards him, quite the contrary. Conversing with Charlie Gnocchi And Patrizia Rossetti, he said: “Before I was talking to Pamela and I said ‘at least we got one Marc out of the way’, yes I said to her just ‘we got one out of the co *** ni’. And she laughed ”. Finally, she openly stated her policy: “Here you have to do: aim, aim and fire”.

Marco Bellavia
Marco Bellavia competitor GF Vip

Tomorrow night there will be the episode, in your opinion how will Alfonso Signorini and the authors handle the situation?