GF Vip, what did Gegia study: the actress has two degrees!

Her innate comedy makes her loved by the GF Vip audience, but not everyone knows that Gegia has two degrees: what she studied.

She arrived in the house of the GF Vip 7 with her sympathy and intriguing everyone with her love affair with a Turkish man younger than her. Francesca Carmela Antonaci, better known as Gegiais a 63-year-old comic actress originally from Galatina, in the province of Lecce.

Gegia laureate faculty (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

His TV debut took place more than 40 years ago on the program Bingoooon Antenna 3 Lombardia and then landed in Rai in ’81 with the show Under the stars. From then on there have been many broadcasts of which he was a part including also Your Facts in the 2010/2011 season. On the big screen she has also collected various experiences such as, for example, the role of Padre Pio’s mother in the film by Pio and Amedeo Hello beautiful.

On the private side, in the 80s it got married with Maurizio Mottafriend of the actor Jerry Calà, but the two broke up after a short time. As also told in his presentation clip at GF VipGegia had an affair with Michele Carboni, 30 years younger and as a girl he would also have had a short flirtation with Pupo. Still talking about her personal sphere, she later revealed that she is currently engaged to Mehmet, a 43-year-old Turk. But what was her path before arriving on TV?

GF Vip, do you know what Gegia studied? You will not believe it!

The story between Gegia and Mehmet it was one of the themes examined by Alfonso Signorini last night in the episode: the Apulian actress told the details of their first and only meeting at the airport and their relationship continued so far with video calls and romantic words. Both the other roommates and the public at home were also shown a photo of the man even if at the end of the episode doubts were raised about the veracity of this engagement. Signorini has however announced that he will thoroughly investigate Mehmet’s identity and we just have to wait to find out what will come out.

Returning to Gegia’s education, it must be said that although she started studying acting at just 16, she was a very busy student. She moved to Rome as a teenager, she attended classical high school and in the meantime, in addition to learning to act, she also studied piano and dance, both classical and modern. Upon graduation, she first enrolled in the faculty of Letters at the University La Sapienza and then also at that of Psychology. That’s right: dear Gegia has two degrees!

What Gegia studied
Gegia course of study (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

Did you imagine that gieffina’s school curriculum was so rich?