GF Vip, what happened between Jessica and Barù in the hut: they revealed everything live

GF Vip, what happened between Barù and Jessica in the hut? The two competitors revealed everything live.

For some weeks we have talked about nothing else, the Jeru, this is the name or rather the hashtag with which fans call the couple-non-couple Jessica and Barù. Ever since Costantino Della Gherardesca’s nephew walked in at the end of December, fans have noticed that he had different looks for Jessica.

GF Vip, what happened between Jessica and Barù under the hut? What they revealed (Credits: mediaset infinity)

The competitor only after a few weeks began to show interest, she too began to understand and tried to ‘find out’, discover the competitor’s personality. Everything started like this but over the weeks while the man has repeatedly reiterated that he does not want relations with her other than friendship, but betraying himself with her gestures and looks, Jessica has never denied the interest of she. Perhaps for this very reason they have often called her a ‘visionary’: will it really be like this? The fact is that in the last few days the two have appeared very close. There was the construction of a hut in the house with a lot of blankets where the princess and Barù got underneath. Many then began to wonder what had happened without getting results. Live both revealed everything.

GF Vip, Jessica and Barù revealed what happened in the hut

Fans dream big, the one between Jessica and Barù seems to be love. On the one hand there is the princess who has not denied her interest but she has never said she is in love with her, on the other there is Barù who, despite her looks and gestures, has repeatedly reiterated that Jessica she is just a “friend” of her.

In the last few days there has been some sort of gate hut. The two competitors were together under this now famous hut made of blankets. But what exactly happened down there? Live under pressure from Alfonso Signorini’s questions revealed the facts.

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Credits: mediaset infinity

Nothing extremely hot happened. We talked a lot, at most we hugged each other “, Jessica said and when asked by Alfonso if there had been a kiss, she denied it. Barù also confirmed the words of the princess: “Miss Jessica told the truth, you know sometimes a little human warmth is good for everything “. The conductor then spoke again: “You know there were no cameras under the hut, if you haven’t had the opportunity to try any other more intimate approach, it means that you didn’t need them”and the competitor replied: “No, they weren’t there, but I would have seen it different the next day and I wanted to leave things as they are “.

This is what was told by Jessica and Barù even if the fans are not entirely convinced of the words of the two.