GF Vip, Wilma Goich tries not to be heard and says it clearly: “We must agree”

GF Vip, Wilma Goich convinced not to be heard tells the others clearly: it happened last night.

In the past few hours Sara Manfuso has left the house of Big Brother Vip. The columnist had made it known during the previous episode that he wanted to leave. She had repeatedly confided that she was ready to go out after what happened to the bullying issue against Marco Bellavia.

GF Vip, Wilma Goich (credits: mediaset play)

After the live broadcast of the reality was interrupted for hours due to a technical problem when she returned, after a few minutes, we saw the scene that Sara left, greeting everyone else. Before leaving she said she wanted to meet Marco: “I didn’t want to betray my story. We are not all shit, we are dignified people who struggle. I also want to meet Marco when he leaves “, he reported.

After his farewell, life at home continued and tonight the contestants had fun with each other by dancing and joking. There was a strong rapprochement between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria even if, in particular the young woman, feels many doubts due to the behavior of the Forum assistant. Wilma Goich while she was chatting in the living room thinking she wasn’t overheard said something, trying to evade the microphone.

GF Vip, Wilma Goich convinced not to be heard says it clearly

The last episode focused on what happened against Marco Bellavia. Many competitors did not perform well and showed only indifference and little humanity. The audience loudly asked for an intervention and they did. Alfonso Signorini opened the episode by talking about what happened, starting from the beginning, from the entry of Bellavia. Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified. Later a flash televoting was opened to decide the elimination between Ciacci, Patrizia Rossetti, Elenoire Ferruzzi and Gegia which led to the elimination of the first.

In these hours there have been some problems for the reality show. The live broadcast was interrupted for many hours. She seemed to have recovered but after just a few minutes the problem returned. Only after a long time did everything recover. When she returned we learned of Sara Manfuso’s abandonment. The columnist has chosen to leave the game after what happened with Bellavia. The competitors greeted her and subsequently spent the evening between dancing and music. Wilma Goich tonight, convinced that she will not be heardtalking to Carolina and Patrizia, and trying somehow to evade the microphone, he said it clearly.

gf vip wilma goich
What he said (credits: twitter)

“Tomorrow we should agree on the nominations”, a phrase that has been heard by everyone, in particular by those who always follow the live broadcast. In this way Wilma not only broke the rule of not being able to evade the microphone by placing her hand on her but also that of agreeing on nominations, which competitors cannot do.