GF Vip, “You are a person who takes a lot of my head”: the Vippone opens his heart, what will happen

GF Vip, the Vippone opens his heart: “you are a person who takes a lot of my head”, who knows what will happen between the two.

In the house of the Big Brother Vip the acquaintance among the Vippos continues, especially with the newcomers. The attention in the last few hours has focused on two competitors who seem to have a particular affinity.

GF Vip, “you are a person who takes a lot of my head”: the Vippone opens his heart (Source Instagram)

One of the VIPs opens his heart to the beautiful competitor and we all wonder what will happen between the two. The Big Brother Vip this year is a real success! So much so that the final date for this adventure has been scheduled for March 14, 2022. Between scandals, quarrels, flirtations and friendships, you never get tired inside the very spiteful house of Cinecittà. In the last few hours there has been a very special conversation, in which the handsome young man has spent beautiful words for his roommate, immediately arousing the curiosity of the web.

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GF Vip: the Vippone opens his heart to the roommate

The great protagonists of this edition number 6 were Soleil and Alex Belli. The two Vippos with their strange friendship and the constant push and pull have catalyzed the attention of the general public. After Alex’s self-elimination, Soleil was left without her faithful companion inside the house, but it would seem that she has found a person with whom to establish a great harmony.

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GF Vip heart
Source Instagram

We are talking about the evening conversation that took place between the beautiful Soleil and the former suitor and tempter, Alessandro Basciano. The two separated to talk and at that point Basciano opens his heart and says to Soleil: “You have always been consistent. You have always said that you are a person in love, then if you want to play you do it. I don’t play, because if I like a person, I like him ”. Soleil tries to provoke the boy by saying “so do you like someone?” At that point the boy laughingly says “But do you think I don’t like you? You are a person who takes a lot of my head, you can speak, you are awake, you are strong “. Solei for his part visibly appreciates these compliments, but he declared to the boy “I’m out of the game”.

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We are very curious to see how the acquaintance between Soleil and the new entry A will turn outlessandro Basciano.