GF Vip, “You don’t control what you do!”: Sophie lashes out at Alessandro, Delia has to do with it

‘Agitated’ night at GF Vip: Delia decides to have fun and not think about Alex Belli, Sophie gets jealous and quarrels with Alessandro.

During last night’s party, Delia Duran she let herself go between wild dances and a few glasses of alcohol: the Venezuelan model decided to take off Alex Belli’s ring and just think about having fun. This attitude, however, has sparked Sophie’s jealousy of Alessandro Basciano.

GF Vip, “You don’t control what you do!”: Sophie Codegoni lashes out at Alessandro, Delia has to do with it (Instagram)

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Delia Duran continues to be in the eye of the storm: after countless second thoughts, decisions and corrections, Belli’s partner last night chose to enjoy the party without mulling over what happened between her man and Soleil Sorge.

Such fluctuating behavior obviously attracted criticism from some roommates, first and foremost Barù with whom, after the episode on Friday, he had a heated discussion with the model precisely because of these continuous scene changes.

Even yesterday evening, Costantino della Gherardesca’s nephew had his doubts about the matter: “Did you see? They are writing a new chapter of this soap opera. Even if you see tonight they won’t go any further. You know this he just came in is not that he can fire all the cartridges in one night, then what could he do later otherwise? ”He said talking to his friend Davide Silvestri.

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The South American competitor, however, did not want to give up doing what she had proposed and in fact she went wild in the pool with various winks towards the ‘Vippone’ just entered Gianluca Costantino. His disinhibition however resulted in one quarrel between Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano, let’s see why.

GF Vip, “I’m not jealous, but…”: Sophie on a rampage against Alessandro

The blonde gieffina accused her boyfriend Alessandro of giving Duran ‘special’ looks: “You don’t control what you do, you bite your lip and stare at Delia! I’m not jealous or one who does these scenes, but if I turn around and see you staring at the C … Delia, come on “, he said in jealousy.

Basciano rejected the allegations of his girlfriend and He got angry threatening to leave the program: “I allowed myself to turn around for a moment and I saw you like this, if you think such a thing about me from now on I don’t want to have anything to do with you!”.

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Sophie and Alessandro
Photo source: Instagram

What do you think? Do you think Sophie exaggerated or was she not completely wrong in getting angry?