GfVip, Codacons denounces competitors and Mediaset to Procura and AgCom

Codacons intervenes on the controversy that arose following the exit of the competitor of the ‘Big Brother Vip’ Marco Bellavia, and of the accusations of bullying against him that rained down towards the competitors, which today presents a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome and to the Italian Communications Authority. The document asks to ascertain possible criminal offenses and violations of the provisions in force on the subject of Tlc. “Once again – explains Codacons – the Mediaset broadcast becomes the protagonist of serious episodes which, in addition to representing a form of violence, are highly diseducative, especially for the younger audience. Despite what happened, neither the authors of the program nor the top management have been able to take adequate measures, sending out an erroneous and dangerous message to viewers, who thousands have turned to Codacons asking to intervene on the case “.

In light of what happened “today we present a complaint to the Rome Public Prosecutor asking to open an investigation in the light of the possible case of private violence – continues the consumer association – ascertaining the responsibilities of the competitors of the GfVip and, by competition, of the authors, of the conductor Alfonso Signorini and the Mediaset top management “. Codacons explains: “Article 610 of the penal code establishes that ‘Anyone who, by violence or threat, forces others to do, tolerate or omit something, is punished with imprisonment for up to four years”, an offense that could be in the acts of bullying committed during the broadcast “. The association asks Agcom instead” to adopt measures and sanctions against Mediaset for the possible violation of the provisions on television programs “.