Ghali, they all cry for the singer: nobody knew all this

Ghali, they all cry for the singer: no one knew all this; the painful background on the rapper’s past.

He is one of the most loved and listened to artists of the moment. His hits make thousands of fans sing and dance. Let’s talk about Ghalithe Milanese rapper who is enchanting the public with his summer tour.

Ghali (Instagram Credits)

A tour that sees him as a protagonist in various Italian squares, but which will also take him to Europe, for some stops next autumn. We know practically everything about his famous songs and his ever-growing career, but the same cannot be said of his private life. Not everyone knows a background regarding the difficult past of the Milanese singer, of Tunisian origin. It was he who talked about it, in some Instagram Stories, through which he recalled a specific period of his life. Let’s find out what it is.

Ghali, the painful background on the singer’s past: the story on social media

“I spent ten years of my childhood coming to this point, in front of the San Vittore prison, to greet my father from the window and to give him the last kisses after the interviews every Tuesday, skipping school, lying to teachers to escape social workers ”.

With these words, written in a story on his Instagram channel, Ghali recalled the period he was going to visit his father in prison. He did it just by shooting some stories while he is in front of that prison, which he knows very well. Prison which was also the location of the video clip of ‘Il love you’, which was also attended by several inmates.

A painful past, which the rapper managed to put behind him also thanks to music: “Everything I do is for definitely leave behind me a past that has heavily marked me and my mother. I want to make music for those who want to get out of it, for those who want to forget, for those who truly believe that you can change your life ”, reads his stories. A precious message, that of Ghali, which in conclusion is also addressed to those who are fascinated by the street: “You are only small dangers that attract the attention of the guards without bringing real bread home”

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Ghali’s message (Instagram Credits)

Ghali has talked about her dad’s delicate situation several times. He also did it at L’Assedio, hosted by Daria Bignardi, in 2020. “When I went to visit my father in prison, I believed that all the children went there, that all my classmates had their fathers in prison. I learned so many things, I have been a lot with the children of other inmates, ”said the rapper, who grew up alone with his mother, to whom he is very attached.