Ghini-Ocone and Lillo-Spada couples for the film ‘A monstrous family’

With Paolo Calabresi, Cristiano Caccamo, Emanuela Rei and the participation of Pippo Franco and Barbara Bouchet directed by Volfango De Biasi – At the cinema from 25 November

But who are the new monsters today? And, ultimately, who are the monsters in general? The most apparent ones or the most hidden ones? And shouldn’t the monstrosity of the soul be more frightening than the physical monstrosity? The latest film directed by Volfango De Biasi reflects on these questions, ‘A monstrous family’ – presented at the Adriano cinema in Rome – which stars the couples formed by Massimo Ghini and Lucia Ocone, he vampire and she witch, with the uncle living with no brain (literally …) Paolo Calabresi, and from Lillo and Ilaria Spada, monstrously forced, struggling with the sentimental relationship, crowned by pregnancy, between their respective children, the werewolf of Cristiano Caccamo and the beautiful ‘human’ of Emanuela Rei, with the participation of the ghost grandmother Barbara Bouchet and the doting grandfather Pippo Franco, for a branded production Italian International Film with Rai Cinema, from 25 November in cinemas.

The story also hides a kind of ‘moral of the story’, in the sense of underlining that there is no single type of family, a unique and stereotyped brand? “Of course, it is a ‘fil-rouge’ that I have always followed in the films I direct – confirms AdnKronos director Volfango De Biasi – or investigate who is really different, who is really monstrous, but always with lightness and fun. The guiding idea is always the same: tolerance is needed, both within the family and within society. This is a film that I hope will bring families together by talking about family. “He confirms Massimo Ghini: “It is not the usual comedy a little taken for granted, this one wants to be provocative, trying to make others understand who the real monsters are. For me, for example, the real monsters of today are the No-Vax, those who reject the Covid vaccine … “.

Points out Lillo, at AdnKronos: “We are all a bit monsters: the best people are simply those who manage to keep their own monstrosity at bay, only this is the difference. Then, if we want to talk about the monstrosity of the world, not we would stop talking! “. On the other hand, whoever has finished speaking, no longer having the right ‘commands’ in the brain, is the character played by Paolo Calabresi, which is expressed in a very particular grammelot: “So I didn’t have to memorize the lines”, he jokes. But the conception of a language is worth all the effort saved in the efforts of memory …

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)