Giacomo Urtis graduated in 2002: do you know what?

Giacomo Urtis graduated in 2002, but do you know exactly what?

Giacomo Urtis was a competitor of Big Brother Vip in this edition. He did not participate alone, but entered the house with Valeria Marini. They played as the only competitor.

Giacomo Urtis graduated years ago, exactly in 2002: but do you know what? (source instagram)

About two weeks ago, they lost the televoting and thus left the house. Urtis was born in Caracas on September 28, 1977 and lived for a few years in Venezuela before moving. He has become a much loved television personality, and is obviously very famous also for his work which leads him to be so sought after. But do you know what he graduated in?

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Giacomo Urtis, what he got his degree in: the former competitor’s course of study

A few days ago he left the house of the Gf Vip, Giacomo Urtis had entered with Valeria Marini and together they formed a single competitor. It was not always a linear path between the two, despite the great friendship and a very deep esteem that binds them, the different personalities are evident.

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This was demonstrated by the fact that, in a live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini had asked everyone to take sides, on the one hand there was Nathaly Caldonazzo and on the one hand Katia Ricciarelli. He preferred to side with Caldonazzo, while Valeria positioned herself in the singer’s space. This is proof that they have often had different thoughts and likes. Giacomo is a much loved television personality and also for his work he is very famous and sought after: do you know what he graduated in?

giacomo urtis, graduate
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From an early age he was passionate about beauty and for this reason, after obtaining his diploma, he enrolled in the university course of Medicine And Surgery. In 2002 he graduated from the University of Sassari, specializing in Dermatology and Venereology. He did not stop there, but Urtis then moved and continued his path at the University of Milan and acquired the master’s degree in Aesthetic Surgery. Over the years he then created his company ‘Dr Urtis Clinic’ and today he is certainly one of the most sought-after doctors in his field, especially by VIPs..