GialappaShow, cooking while driving: chef Roland’s advice. VIDEO

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The new program of the Gialappa’s Band with Marco Santin and Giorgio Gherarducci hosted by Mago Forest (premiere every Sunday on TV8 and, in simulcast, on Sky Uno). And after the many can’t-miss moments of the first and second dates, he prepares for a hilarious third act.

cook while driving? yes you can, chef Roland says

Waiting to find out what will be the next finds, the next numbers and the next incomparable parodies of the irrepressible cast, do we remember some ideas that can always come in handy in case of need, for example? Soon said! Do you have time problems and would like to invite your in-laws but are you trapped in the frenetic traffic of the city? Don’t worry, Chef Roland comes to the rescue and with his precious advice solves the problem by “cooking while driving”. Yes, you read right, you can prepare a wild boar stew with mountain herbs whizzing along the Milan ring road during rush hour! Seeing is believing? In case you want to try your hand, all that remains is to follow the tutorial in the video at the top of this article (with best wishes!).