GialappaShow, from Claudio Santamaria to Stefano Rapone in the role of Galeazzo Italo Mussolini

In the seventh episode of GialappaShowthe program of Gialappa’s Band with Marco Santin and Giorgio Gherarducci, this time accompanied by Mago Forest in conducting Rose Villain.

Showman of the episode, Claudio Santamariawho first becomes the “cultural meditator” of the Magician Forest, translating his jokes from Italian into English, then duets on stage with the Blacks by Chance.

Annalisa, played by Brenda Lodigiani, brings chaos to the GialappaShow stage

Annalisa, aka Brenda Lodigiani, returns to the stage more energized than ever. “When Annalisa arrives the glaciers stop retreating and the nets fill with all types of fish” begins the singer without hesitation. An adrenaline rush from which all the people in the RSAs also benefit.

Claudio Santamaria performs with Neri per Caso in Sting’s “Englishman in New York”

In the 7th episode of GialappaShow Claudio Santamaria duets on stage with Neri per Caso to the tune of “Englishman in New York” by Sting. A completely new version which also won the favor of Marco Santin and Giorgio Gherarducci, who were initially skeptical about the actor’s singing skills.

Stefano Rapone, in the role of Galeazzo Italo Mussolini, illustrates the points of his modern premiership

Stefano Rapone plays the role of Galeazzo Italo Mussolini, minister for constitutional reforms and the belly of the country. The minister works on a modern premiership in which citizens can directly choose their Prime Minister with a simple televote.