Gianluca and Giorgia after Marriage at first sight are they back together?

Marriage at first sight, are Giorgia and Gianluca back together after the program? What happened in the last few hours.

The last episode of Marriage at first sight aired on Wednesday 7 April. In the previous episode we discovered the final choice of couples. With great amazement all three have decided to stay together and continue in the marriage.

Marriage at first sight, what happened between Gianluca and Giorgia after the program? (Credits: youtube)

After months, the experts met again with the protagonists of the eighth edition to understand the rest of their report with the cameras off. Unfortunately, two out of three have decided not to continue and to separate. Gianluca and Giorgia and Mattia and Cristina left the rings to the professionals. Antonio and Giorgia are the only couple left together. Immediately after the end of the program, the protagonists of Marriage at first sight are back on social networks. We know that during and until the last episode airs, they cannot use them. Cristina, Giorgia and Antonio made a direct together, even Mattia activated the instagram profile. But in the last few hours it has been the couple’s eye catcher or better not a couple formed by Gianluca and Giorgia: did you see what happened?

What happened between Gianluca and Giorgia after Marriage at first sight

Gianluca and Giorgia are the wedding couple at first sight which most of all made us think at the beginning that there would be no yes to the final choice. But with the passing of days and time together everything has changed and the relationship has evolved.

At the final choice their yes excited the viewers but the disappointment was just around the corner. In the episode of Marriage at first sight and then we discovered that after the program their bond went a little wrecked. They separated, closing the relationship with the return of the wedding rings to the experts. After the last episode, the protagonists of the format are back active on social networks. However, once again this former couple captures the attention: we wonder what happened immediately after? Giorgia in the last few hours she has posted a photo on social media with her ex-husband.

Gianluca giorgia
Credits. instagram

The question is legitimate: are Giorgia and Gianluca back together? We have no answer. The ex-bride accompanying her wrote about her image, however, he wrote: “… and then, then “. A comment that has begun to raise the doubts of the followers, in fact many think that they are really back together. Of course we do not know if the two after the program there was a rapprochement. As we have seen from the last episode, however, it would seem that they have remained on good terms. Perhaps they will be the ones to shed light on this ‘bond’.