Gianluca Gazzoli, the new host of the X Factor 2023 Antefactor

Every Thursday evening, a few minutes before the start of the Live Show, live from the backstage of #XF2023, Gianluca Gazzoli (born 1988) hosts the unmissable appointment with Antefactor. The podcaster, creator and radio and TV host tells us all the emotions of the immediate eve of the show, from the hands of contestants, judges and guests, a very quick prelude to what awaits us on the stage of the X Factor Arena in the already very hot climate of behind the scenes of the show (RELIVE THE FIRST LIVE LIVE HERE).

Gianluca Gazzoli, from radio to TV to the web

From his television and radio experiences, to his journey in the world of the web thanks to the formats he produces which garner numerous acclaim and help him tell stories, Gianluca Gazzoli is a volcano of ideas. He debuted in 2014 on Radio Number One, a historic radio station in Northern Italy. He subsequently moved to national radio, becoming the voice of RAI Radio2 and hosting his own daily programme KGG. In 2017 you hosted and followed the live broadcast of the Sanremo Festival from the Ariston Theater as well as several parallel projects including the Giro d’Italia and I Migliori Anni with Carlo Conti. The great adventure on begins in January 2019 Radio DEEJAY and currently hosts the evening program every day Gazzology. After a long apprenticeship on stages throughout Italy, several collaborations have developed on TV. From The Voice (2016),Quelli Che Il Calcio (2017-2018) and Domenica In (2017). In the 2018-19 season he was the face of the Deejay TV program Dalle2alle4 live every afternoon.

In 2021 he leads Guess The Artist, a TV program linked to the Sanremo Festival broadcast on NOVE. In the 2022 season she led Basketball Zoneevery week on DMAX while in September 2022 it will be broadcast in prime time on Rai2 among the protagonists of the success of Nudes For Life.

his first book

As a sports lover, he becomes a point of reference for many enthusiasts, recounting extraordinary experiences around the world and living them together with some of the most important players on the planet. In April 2021 the his first book, SHOCKS – My life with a free heartan autobiographical story in which for the first time he shares his story and how he has lived with a defibrillator under his chest for 17 years without ever having told anyone, with the aim of making this story and its messages reach those who need help. feel encouraged to overcome the obstacles that life places along the way and always give the best of yourself to achieve your dreams.

its headquarters

In 2022 create the BSMT, headquarters, creative and meeting place. “Pass by BSMT” it’s a podcasts which comes from the desire to tell stories, a chat with friends. Characters with always something special to share. The BSMT has also become a valuable space for guests, including Pierfrancesco Favino, Valentino Rossi, the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, Federica Pellegrini, Salmo, Matteo Berrettini, Oscar Farinetti, Alessandro Borghi, Giorgia and many others. Pass From BSMT it has become one of the most listened to podcasts in Italy on various platforms and also reached first position on Spotify, with over 4 million listens and 90 million views on Youtube.