Gianluca Grillo, the facets of love are in Now I would like: the video

“Now I would like” is the title of my new unreleased song out on radio and digitally. For this piece I decided to use complex and rather unusual musical writing. I wanted to tell through the metaphor of a dream the journey of a feeling so deep and intense that it overcomes “the barriers of the universe”.

A path full of great emotions condensed by the dream and the consequent awakening of conscience: the only one, according to my imagination, that is truly capable of clarifying our feelings. The central part of the song is composed of a guitar solo which represents the watershed that separates the sharp blade of emotions from the power of love itself: this aspires to be a real interlude of meditation for the listener.

This is a song that doesn’t pretend to please on first listen. I am aware that I am evoking a complex message and that I have not followed the standards that people expect from my song. I wanted to challenge myself by discarding the simplest things, aiming to represent both the poignant impact of love and the power of superb feelings at the same time. I took care of this piece obsessively down to the last note. I therefore recommend listening to the song several times in the same way each of us should listen to ourselves deeply.

The first part of the video clip represents the disturbance of the protagonist who, immersed in a dream, has the conviction of experiencing love incompletely, differently from the profound and immense way he desires. The fragmented images and visual illusions also represent his internal struggle in dealing with reality and his distorted perceptions of love. The transition from dreamlike reality, which is inspired by what is unreal and irrational in dreams, to awakening, is marked by a disruptive electric guitar solo that breaks out as the turning point of the piece. The final part of the film represents the reality where love is at the center of everything. The protagonist, surprisingly, on the last notes of the song, declares his true feeling towards his partner without her having noticed anything of what happened, since she has yet to wake up. This cinematic representation of the relationship between dreams and reality is nothing other than the mirror of our unconscious fears about love and feelings. The video highlights the importance of accepting yourself and others for who they are, and calming unrealistic expectations about love. It is an invitation to experience love with awareness and openness, appreciating every moment and learning from mistakes. Love is a complex and multi-faceted experience, which can bring joy and pain, but which is always worth living.