gIANMARIA is the runner-up of X Factor 2021. VIDEO

Live from one of the most important stages for music in Italy, the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, for the final of XF2021 (THE GALLERY OF THE EVENING), a very excited GIANMARIA performs duet with Emma on the notes of the song “About our relationship“, A piece dated 1978 by the very first Vasco Rossi that we remember, has already had the opportunity to compliment the talent of Emma’s roster, for her personal interpretation of” Jenny is crazy “(THE VIDEO). Following in the second heat, a very high level Best Of that meets the favor of the jury. Competing for the title by competing with the unpublished are gIANMARIA and BALTIMORA, to bring home the result is the competitor of Hell Raton. gIANMARIA is the runner-up.

the first heat of gIANMARIA

During the first heat of the highly anticipated X Factor final, GIANMARIA he tries his hand at Emma’s side in a duet that excites, after all we are now used to performances of this level, it is difficult not to grasp such a unique and particular talent as hers. And if the last time, on the occasion of the semifinal, he received the compliments unanimously from the entire jury and from Samuele Bersani with whom he duetted on Spaccacuore, tonight yet another consensus and yet another “chapeau”, judging by the warm cheer of the public. We are facing “an X Factor competitor who is really cool”, to quote Mika’s words.

Meanwhile, the first to be eliminated is FELLOW from Mika’s roster.

the second heat and the Best Of

The second part of the evening opens with the Best Of, in which the three remaining artists perform with a medley of the songs they have presented during these weeks. gIANMARIA summarizes her journey at # XF2021 with Francesco De Gregori’s “Rimmel”, Vasco Rossi’s “Jenny is crazy” and CCCP’s “Io sto bene”. “A crescendo of emotions”, to use Emma’s words. For this evening gIANMARIA wishes “only good things and an affectionate audience”.

the introduction of emma

“Thanks to this Best Of we will see the evolution of his path, gIANMARIA has told us so much about himself, and he must continue to do so, in the music scene he is a rare gem, he is an incredible guy for an incredible stage“: this is the presentation of his judge, very proud of his protege who defends with drawn sword.

the judges’ comments

Mika: “I must say that when I think of him at the Auditions, and when I think of him today I see growth, in my opinion this path is only the beginning, if there is a concert in six or twelve months, I am there”.

Manuelito: “I agree with Mika, you arrived shy, but not that much, you wanted to take the stage, you could see, really good”.

Manuel Agnelli: “I do not change my mind about you, in addition to talent, you enjoyed it, you have the charisma, the sympathy, you are a real talent and you have an enormous expressive maturity, you can do a lot out of here”.

Emma: “I have to say thank you because I see an artist, I see the future, go and take all the stages in the world, keep writing your songs, it takes courage to write about yourself and you have plenty of it”.

“The Suicides”

For the last heat, the Final, the rapper from Vicenza brings his original. “Maybe you don’t realize how many people believe in your music”, these are the words of Emma in presenting her talent.

the judges’ comments and second place

Mika: “I have already declared the love for what you do many times, the thing I have heard now is that what you do seems easy but it is not at all”.

Hell Raton: “You were the most punk person in XF2021, I’m glad you made it this far, you deserve it, bravo!”.

Manuel Agnelli: “It’s not a question of beauty or anything else, it’s that you are special and you will do special things out of here and I can’t wait to hear them.”

Emma (through tears) thanks not only gIANMARIA, but all of her competitors: “You are a beautiful person, with your pen and your head in the air, I hope I was at your level as a judge”.

gIANMARIA is the runner-up of XF2021