Gianni Morandi and Sangiovanni together for Get sent back to my mother for milk

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Have your mother send you to get the milkthe timeless hit by Gianni Morandi published in 1963, which will be completed this year 60 yearswill be published in a new version produced by Shablo. The new Have your mom send you back to get the milk 2.0 (already available in pre-save and pre-add) will be published from February 7th on all digital platforms for Epic/Sony Music and will see the collaboration of one of the symbolic artists of Generation Z, Saint John.

The announcement of the new version of Have your mom send you back to get the milk comes in just over two weeks since the beginning of the 73rd edition of the San Remo Festivalwhich from 7 to 11 February will see the singer from Monghidoro as conductor alongside Amadeus. The presentation of Sanremo 2023 adds another piece to the long relationship between Morandi and the Festival: the conducting of the 2011 and 2012 editions and seven participations as a competitor, last of all last year’s, with the song Open all doors (Platinum Disc certified). Open all doors, After The Joy And The Ola, is the third song written by his friend and companion in musical adventures Jovanotti, with whom he shared the stage on many summer evenings at the Jova Beach Party.

Gianni Morandi and Sangiovanni have decided to duet on the notes of the timeless hit to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its publication, breaking down the generational barriers that separate GenZ from the 60s. It’s extraordinary to see one of the new voices of Italian pop singing Have your mom send you back to get the milk, a song released 60 years ago that continues to be passed down from generation to generation. At the time of posting Have your mother send you to get the milk Gianni Morandi was just under 20 years old, the age he reached 60 years later by the young artist from Vicenza on 9 January.