Gianni Morandi: “I’m taking a break from social media”. Fans worried about his health

Gianni Morandi, 78 years old, has always been very active on social media (from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok, where he boasts over 3 million followers, 2 million and 316 thousand respectively) so he surprised everyone by declaring that he wanted to take a break from the internet.

The famous Italian singer explained that he wants to put his social network accounts on standby for a while. In the latest video shared on his profiles you can see him, sitting on a chair in the garden, saying: “Hi, I’d like to take a break on social media for a while. So you won’t see me on Instagram, on Facebook, on TikTok. Who knows, Maybe it will do us some good!”. His public is very worried about this decision, which he fears could hide health problems.
The musician has always established a close and intimate relationship with his followers, recounting moments of private life and almost always sharing images that also portray him together with his wife Anna. Even the detailed story of the fire incident – which scared both him and all his fans – was shared with his very loyal “social media people”, so this decision greatly surprises his followers. Precisely the fact of being totally unexpected alarmed the artist’s public.

At the bottom of this article you can watch the video shared by Gianni Morandi’s social profiles in which the artist greets his fans, explaining that he will take a break from the internet.

He reassures his followers: “What should I hide?”.

Under the video which appears as the latest content shared by Gianni Morandi online, many followers have expressed comments of sadness, some of approval for the choice, many of solidarity, emotion, tenderness and empathy.
One user wrote the following message: “Take all the breaks you want, the important thing is that everything goes well and that you don’t hide anything.”
At that point Gianni Morandi himself wanted to dispel fans’ doubts and fears, responding directly to the aforementioned follower with the question: “What should I hide?”.
Before disappearing from social radar, the singer also responded to another comment expressing gratitude for the gesture of Morandi and his wife, namely the following: “Well done, finally an intelligent and human person, finally someone with his head in his right place, well done also his wife”. And Gianni Morandi replied like this, with his usual sympathy and innate modesty: “Thank you but don’t exaggerate…”.

Until now, Morandi had been one of the most active Italian VIPs on social media

One of Italy’s most beloved singers and actors, Gianni Morandi has always been very active on social networks, particularly on Instagram, where he has shared moments of his private life and thoughts of all kinds, without ever leaving out what matters most to him. heart: the interactions with his fans.
On Instagram he has always shared images of his daily life, family photos, shots of concerts, shows and various performances, as well as personal thoughts. Precisely this use of social media has allowed the Italian star to be less of a star, in the sense of less distant from the public than she is. Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, Morandi has maintained a closer bond with her fans, allowing them to follow him both in his private life and in his professional career.
He has proven to be very involved in interacting with his followers on Instagram, always responding to comments. He thanked the fans for their support, he often shared stories and messages to convey his gratitude for the love and warmth that the public invariably shows him.

Social networks also used to promote his music and to support social causes

Morandi has also used Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to promote his music. On his personal channels, in fact, he has always announced the release of new albums and singles himself, just as he has always directly informed his followers about his tours, always communicating every news firsthand and in a very conversational, warm and empathetic manner. . He shared video clips related to his songs and involved fans in various initiatives related to his music.

In addition to promotion, the artist also shared personal reflections on various topics, such as music, culture and events that characterize the world and his life. Her being a “social animal” has always been greatly appreciated by her audience, who have thus had the opportunity to get to know her better as an individual as well as an artist.

Last but not least, Gianni Morandi has also used social platforms to support social and charitable causes that are close to his heart. He often shared information related to charitable initiatives and wanted to promote awareness and involvement on important ethical, ideological and social issues.

Below you can watch the video shared by Gianni Morandi’s social profiles in which the artist greets his fans, explaining that he will take a break from the internet.