Gianni Morandi, impromptu concert on the plane

Taking a plane and suddenly finding yourself at the concert of John Morandi, this is what happened to dozens of passengers on a flight. As relaunched by R101’s Instagram account, the singer was the protagonist of a fun curtain.

gianni morandi, concert at high altitude

There Was A Boy Like Me Who Loved The Beatles And The Rolling Stones, A world of love And Kneeling by you are the three songs mentioned by Gianni Morandi in the unpredictable moment on board an airplane. The video posted on social media showed the beloved singer-songwriter performing a short private concert dedicated exclusively to the passengers of the flight.

Enthusiasm and disbelief united those present who could not help but accompany him on the notes of the songs that have marked the history of Italian music.

Currently Gianni Morandi is busy with the last dates of the tour GO GIANNI GO! Summer 2023 with which he is making stops in numerous Italian cities.

In March of this year Gianni Morandi (PHOTO) released the album Hurray! containing the title track in duet with Jovanotti, the catchphrase The joythe song Open all doors ranked third in the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival e Have your mom send you back to get the milkreissue of the iconic 1962 song in collaboration with Sangiovanni (PHOTO).