Gianni Morandi in concert in Florence, the lineup on March 15th

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Gianni Morandi he is one of the most recognizable songwriters of the musical panorama of our country. With a career spanning over half a century and dozens of songs that have entered the history of Italian music, Morandi is a symbol for anyone who loves light songs. The eternal boy from Monghidoro was recently the star of the Sanremo Festival and over the course of all these decades he has been able to make himself loved by everyone, as well as for his music, also for his character, always sunny and joyful, as demonstrated also at the Ariston theater a few weeks ago. Morandi’s new tour kicked off last March 10 from Rimini and will now visit numerous cities throughout the spring, bringing him to play in front of thousands of people of all ages. This evening, Wednesday March 15, will take the stage at Florence.

Gianni Morandi’s lineup in Florence

Just sing a few lines of any of his hit songs to see dozens of people sing. There is no one, in fact, who does not know how to finish the sentence: “Get your mother to send you…”. And this is just one example, because Gianni Morandi has entered Italian popular culture with his music and his mood, so much so that today he is also loved by the very young, the grandchildren of those who were young when he made his debut on the Italian scene. Morandi has plenty of songs to bring on stage to fill a lineup, but the singer-songwriter’s choice of songs for his new tour was mainly dictated by the need to alternate older songs with new ones, giving the public a wide range and as complete as possible possible of his music. Although exit orders have not been announced, unless Morandi changes, the lineup should be structured as follows:

  1. The joy
  2. If I lose you too
  3. A life that I dream of you
  4. Variety
  5. Girl’s eyes
  6. In love
  7. Nice lady
  8. If I didn’t have you anymore
  9. Anna next door
  10. Life
  11. Future
  12. Caruso
  13. Off-key songs / Chimera / The toy / I’m not worthy of you / The accordion / The world will change
  14. There was a boy like me who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
  15. A million little storms
  16. Open all doors
  17. The wave
  18. Thank you because
  19. If you can only go out on a Sunday with me
  20. I was going 100 an hour
  21. Have your mom send you back to get the milk
  22. Kneeling by you
  23. One in a thousand
  24. The rain falls
  25. More can be given
  26. Bananas and raspberry
  27. Hurray

The concerts of Gianni Morandi

After the dates in Rimini, Milan and Florence, Gianni Morandi will be expected in Rome, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Ancona, Bari and the closure, however, is scheduled for Eboli, in the province of Salerno. No other appointments are planned for the moment but it is not excluded that the calendar will be further enriched.