Gianni Morandi talks about Evviva!: “He was born on the day of the accident”

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Gianni Morandiwho presented himself with a broom similar to the one used to sweep away the roses and the controversies from the stage of the Ariston Theater, told about the birth of the new album Hurray! and the upcoming tour.

Gianni Morandi: “This record was born on the day of the accident”

The backbone of Italian music has retraced sixty years of career talking about the new album Hurray!out on Friday 3 marchorand of the tour Go Gianni go! Morandi in sports halls.

How was the new album born?

This record was born on the day of the accident, Jovanotti called me to find out what had happened and told me ‘I’m sending you a song that maybe makes you happy’ and he sent me The joy. At that moment the collaboration with Lorenzo was born, the attendance and the many dates together at the Jova Beach Party

On March 10 he will start with the tour Go Gianni go! Morandi in sports halls

Nine sports halls in which I will perform with a fantastic band with whom I got on very well and with whom I had wonderful rehearsals. They are excellent musicians, young and talented. I really want to make this trip through Italy. It’s great to be back among people, for me it’s the best part of being a singer. Some love the creative aspect, I instead sing with people, move them and get excited

Will there be guests?

Sangiovanni will surely come to the Forum

What should we expect from the lineup?

The show that I will bring to the sports halls will have a band of thirteen people who will give a new sound dimension, then I will cut out a couple of spaces in the middle trying to create moments of intimacy with voice and guitar. I inserted new songs, songs that you can’t not put and I tried to fish between 1962 and 2023 among about 540 songs

After more than sixty years Have your mother send you to get the milk it’s still a big hit

I didn’t realize this song was going to stay with me for 60 years, I think they’ll put it on the day I go to heaven. I’ve done a lot of songs but Have your mother send you to get the milk it is the one that everyone remembers. I am impressed to see the children sing it. There was a moment when it was too much on me, I had taken it out of the concerts, but people were upset, so I had to put it back because it’s a song that makes you smile

Will he continue with the tour again this summer?

Summer invites you to do other concerts but for now we’ll stop, then we’ll see

He will be training for the tour

I have to keep running until I can, I can’t stop because if you stop then you won’t start again and that’s a bad time because you put the cover in front of the TV and bye. I hope to postpone that moment there even if sooner or later it will come

Is there an heir of his today?

I don’t know, it’s not true that today’s singers last ten minutes, there are so many successful singers, we’ll have to be there in sixty years to find out

You are back from the stage of the Sanremo Festival, would you return as co-host next year?

I would say that it went so well that repeating itself is difficult, then I think Amadeus doesn’t really think of such a thing, he always has new ideas and will find a way to close his five-year period, maybe I could get back in the race

So would he come back to the race?


Happy for Marco Mengoni’s victory?

For me Marco is a great singer, I think he’s technically the best there is in Italy. He has shown that he has heart, I really like him.