Gianni Salamone, rediscovers himself with My Verticality: the video

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I thought of setting the story in the pseudo-chemical laboratory of an improvised inventor, who is searching for the formula of life among ampoules, alembics and bizarre chemical formulas. The elements are a mixture of colored emotions in liquid form. At the umpteenth attempt, one drop too many taken from the ampoule of “Anger” causes an explosion that blows it up! Upon awakening he finally finds the courage to pass the “door-portal” to make his dreams come true (in this specific case, to sing with his band) and understand that the secret of life is life itself.

From the very first draft I wanted a slow motion explosion that underlined the protagonist’s transition from dream to reality. But we had no idea how to make it and above all they told me that without spending an enormous amount I would never be able to do it! But it’s not for nothing that the song is called My Verticality! I manage to get the phone number of Elio Terribili, co-founder of the Best SFX in Rome, I write to him asking if he could give me a tip. He calls me, I explain the project to him and he says “I’ll come”. It was wonderful to see a great professional at work for a small independent company like ours. We had fun exploding ampoules and bottles in a creative chaos, using the experience of a professional in the sector with the fantasy of shooting scenes without the aid of cgi. Physically participating was great, even if I did get whiplash from falling on the mattress while we simulated my fall! Everything was then packaged by the direction of Riccardo Iacopino (on Rai Play the film “Al massimo ribasso”) and by the photography of Fabrizio Berti (on his active commercials nationally and internationally). We staged the garage of a villa in the province of Florence to give life to the laboratory and then shot the scenes with the musicians in the limbo of a photographic studio.

I will present the song and video, together with the other eleven from the album, on April 22nd, in a show-case concert at the Florida Theater in Florence with top-level musicians, four above all (present in the video clip), starting with Simone Papi, keyboardist composer, producer and arranger, who boasts collaborations with the greatest national artists, from Raf to Tozzi, to Masini, Dirotta su Cuba. Claudia Bombardella, multi-instrumentalist and eclectic singer (sings in any language) who in this song played a solo of beautiful saxophone! Giacomo Guatteri, former guitarist of the historic Florentine band “Luciferme” and artistic co-producer with me and Marzio Benelli, of the whole album. Michelangelo Salamone, a young concert pianist from Palermo and my cousin, at the piano.