Gianpiero Strisciuglio (CEO Mercitalia Logistics Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato): Innovation and logistics must coincide, Italy cannot stand still

“An important moment of confrontation to enhance the territories, in Veneto Mercitalia is very present and is a fundamental territory for us, here the logistics activities are offered in the widest range of possible services it is necessary to integrate infrastructures and services therefore occasions of this type are invaluable in facilitating this type of connection. Hyper Transfer could be the beginning of a new era, innovation is fundamental, it is necessary to grow and to contribute to the modal shift; therefore we are very committed as Ferrovie, as Mercitalia, in doubling the share of freight transport and in developing projects useful for the future “” This conference was extremely important because it brought together all the different actors, the various stakeholders have identified as intermodality, technology and innovation are fundamental for the future, to make our logistics system more efficient. If we do not all go together in the same direction, we risk causing our logistics system to lag behind and, if this happens, the costs for our companies will increase accordingly and they will lose competitiveness. Italy has not grown for 30 years and if we fail to recover even in the logistics system we find ourselves out of the market and we cannot afford it. “