Gift ideas for Christmas, the test that helps you choose the right toy

Missing less and less a Christmas and the children have already written (or are writing) the letter to Santa Claus with their wishes. Very often toys. Although the little ones seem to have clear ideas, for their parents find the right gift It’s not that easy. In fact, a study conducted by the research company OnePoll found that about half of the parents found that their child remained disappointed with a gift. However, there is a solution: the perfect gift can be more scientific than you might think.

Love to the first game, the quiz to help parents

Hasbro has decided to help undecided parents, starting from the survey conducted by OnePoll, directly involving 2 thousand Italian parents. In fact, the study found that almost half (47%) admitted that their children were disappointed by the gifts they received from a family member or friend. 24% confirmed they have struggled to choose what to buy and that even the closest relatives often find themselves in difficulty. What to do then? Starting from the scientific theory of game personalities developed by Dr. Stuart Brown and with the special collaboration of the well-known child psychologist Dr. Laverne Antrobus, Hasbro has created a special quiz which allows anyone who gives games to the little ones to build on their gaming personality. The quiz, therefore, will allow you to discover the Game Personalities, identifying which toys their children might love the most. The quiz is available on the site Love at the first game: you will simply have to answer some questions such as “If you tell your child to ‘go play’ what kind of game do you think he will choose?”.

The personalities of the “Love at first game” quiz

Once you have completed the quiz you will discover the gaming personality of the child, with information on the types of toys that may be best suited to the way the child engages in play. For example, if it turns out that the child is “Full of energy”, Some perfect games for him or her would be Twister, or FurReal Gogo Il Dagnolino Dancer. If your little one “Love to create”Then he might like Play-doh’s Il Dolce Forno or Play-Doh La Pizzeria. The boy or girl loves to explore? She might find Peppa Pig’s school or Elefun al Volo fun to catch fluttering butterflies. I “Little great heroesInstead, they will appreciate the Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition or the Marvel Spider-Man Glow FX Mask. To discover the other personalities, and their respective game suggestions, all that remains is to fill in the test.