Gigi Riva, the cardiologist: “I tried to save him, I lost my legend”

“When you lose a patient it’s always difficult, you never get used to it”

The attempts of the head of Cardiology at Brotzu in Cagliari were in vain, no one managed to save Gigi Riva. He did his duty, but he felt particular sensations in trying to save his myth. “When you lose a patient it’s always difficult, you never get used to it even when working as a cardiologist in a facility like this – Marco Corda explains to Adnkronos -. You never want it to happen, but you know very well that it happens and will happen: it’s unavoidable”.

The attempts are the same for everyone, but the patient who found himself in front of him today was one of the most important figures in recent history in Sardinia. “It’s clear that when you have in front of you the myth with which you grew up – Corda reveals to Adnkronos with emotion -…. I was born in 1970 and when I was little they gave me Gigi Riva puppets. So I’m still sorry about more”. She tried to convince him to have surgery, but he was adamant. Hombre vertical even during his last hours of life.

“I would have liked to save him – he adds -. Sooner or later death always comes, but you always want to try to delay it. In the ward I was trying to convince him and he told me ‘but can’t we use drugs?’, I explained to him that in this case I couldn’t were sufficient.” Gigi Riva was not one of his patients because he suffered from other pathologies, but not cardiac ones. “When he arrived he had an ongoing heart attack, then we discovered that he had never had another, but the situation with the coronary arteries was very complicated – concludes Marco Corda -. I tried to convince him to do the angioplasty, but explaining that in any case it would be The worst could have happened even during the surgery. Tomorrow we should have spoken to each other again, but the situation worsened.”