Gigi Riva, the memory of Falcao: “The jump in the goal of Italy Brazil ’70, unforgettable”

“I didn’t know Gigi Riva personally, but I remember his incredible ability as a player very well. I remember the goal that Italy scored against Brazil in 1970 (in the historic World Cup final in which Brazil won over Italy 4-1, ed.). I don’t remember who scored the goal (Boninsegna, ed.), but instead I have a very clear memory of the fact that he jumped to allow his teammate to score, it was an incredible thing.” It is the exclusive souvenir from Brazil Paulo Roberto Falcao gives to Adnkronos, commenting on the death of Gigi Riva.

“Was an all-time great of Italian football -says the Brazilian champion- Everyone has always talked to me about his seriousness, also as a person”. From a footballing point of view, “he was a striker who had a lot of ability to score goals, a center forward who moved a lot to the left side of the pitch”, adds Falcao. Who finally dedicates a thought to the family members of ‘Rombo di Tuono’: “I want to do a special greeting to the familywho is certainly going through a very painful moment.”