Gigi Riva’s death, doctors: “He refused a risky operation”

From hospitalization to death, the news of the last hours

Gigi Riva died at 7.10pm on 22 January 2024 at the Brotzu hospital in Cagliari. The leaders of the hospital and the cardiology department revealed that in the morning the 79-year-old former footballer had refused angioplasty surgery. Riva “was hospitalized at 3 in the morning, he had been suffering from multi-district vascular disease for some time. He was admitted to the cardiology department for an acute coronary syndrome. At 10.30 today he underwent a coronary angiography which highlighted a very serious disease coronary artery disease. He was offered coronary angioplasty which he refused. He was informed of the risks involved and refused in order to consult with his family”, explain the hospital leaders.

In the late afternoon the situation was calm and he joked with the doctors, then the situation suddenly worsened. At 5.50pm he went into cardiac arrest and attempts to save him with resuscitation were useless. He was taken to the operating room for an attempted coronary angioplasty which failed: his heart stopped beating at 7.10pm.

“When he asked me not to perform the angioplasty, we took him back down to the ward – recalls the director of Cardiology Marco Corda -. I also called his son to try to think together about what to do and I explained to him the reasons why the angioplasty had to be done. He listened to everything and thanked me and I told him ‘Don’t worry, we will always be in your debt'”.