Giletti: “Conscience clear, one day the truth will come out”

The journalist after the stop at ‘Non è l’Arena’: “I would like to say many things and the day will come when I will be able to say them…”

“I would like to say many things and the day will come when I will be able to say them… Right now I have a lot of respect for the magistrates, given the delicate situation. The important thing is to have a clear conscience, then the truth will come out”. This is what the journalist and TV presenter Massimo Giletti affirms during his radio broadcast on Rtl 102.5, recalling that he has “a contract that binds me to the company in which I worked for six years and out of respect for this contract I cannot speak without authorization and clarify in a serious way”.

Giletti thanks “the hundreds of people who continue to send me messages of support, not for me but for the whole work group. In our country it is not easy to make a certain type of television, which disturbs those who live in buildings, but it is necessary have the courage to do it – he underlines – When there is a delicate situation, we have a double duty to go to the correct offices, I did it, the rest is talk”.

Giletti continues: “There are terrible interceptions, where someone important says that ‘Giletti must be closed’. I read it in ‘Repubblica’: Marcello Dell’Utri. They are interceptions that make it clear how important that job was. But we don’t give up and we will continue to do so. I owe it to the people who have followed us but out of respect for the company I worked for I can’t say anything else, except to thank you for what you have made me do in recent years”.