Giletti: “I was betrayed by Cairo, I’m returning to Rai for the next 5 months”

The journalist’s words to Gente after the closing of ‘Non è l’Arena’

From the end of the relationship with Urbano Cairo to his commitments in Rai. Massimo Giletti, in an interview given to the weekly ‘Gente’ on newsstands tomorrow, talks about his last months at La7 and the closure of his program ‘Non è l’Arena’. A stop that he defines as a “betrayal of a person I considered a brother”, alluding to the choice of the editor Urbano Cairo to interrupt the broadcast. The journalist also talks about his work in the Viale Mazzini stable, anticipating that he will take “a step forward with Rai, a series of interesting events in the next five months”.

Giletti, however, would like to point out that the employment relationship with the Public Service is not yet fully defined. “Receiving appreciation from an important manager of Rai1 can only be a pleasure, but the definition of what my future will be in Rai, in the 2024-2025 season, is still far from being concluded”, he states, referring to the appreciation that Angelo Mellone, director of daytime entertainment at Rai1, addressed him. But he adds that “what I will do next is still not clear and anything is possible because I have more offers. However, I find that trying to trust Rai at this moment is a sensible act. Any other choice will make noise. We’ll see”.

The conductor he also returns to the end of the relationship with La7. “I don’t want to talk about the judicial issue – he states – I’m going into the human one. I would never have expected that the person who hugged me when my father died and who I suddenly found behind me on the day I buried him, could, without telling me anything, without even looking me in the eyes, without giving me a semblance of motivation, closing not only a program, but closing a human relationship.” Giletti explains that “when I was dealing with a certain type of topic, a very delicate one, freedom disappeared. We are not ready to open certain drawers, evidently. Maybe Cairo couldn’t tell me the truth”.