Ginevra Lamborghini and the reasons for the break with Elettra: it comes out only now

Ginevra Lamborghini and the reasons for the break with Elettra: it comes out only now; the background told by a Vippo to GF Vip.

A delicate family matter. Geneva Lamborghini spoke about it a few hours after her entry into the GF Vip house and, for this reason, she has already been warned by sister Elettra. Sister who, as said by the Vippona, has not seen or heard since 2019, at the behest of Elettra.

Ginevra Lamborghini (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

According to Ginevra, the famous singer has no intention of re-establishing relations with her older sister, to the point of forcing the family to spend Christmas apart. But what is the real reason for the break between the two Lamborghinis? Ginevra said she did not know, but, at home, someone revealed a few more details on the matter. A competitor gave her version of the dispute between the two sisters, revealing some background. Her words did not go unnoticed, let’s find out together.

GF Vip, a Vippo talks about the break between Ginevra Lamborghini and her sister Elettra: what she revealed

Ginevra Lamborghini is one of the competitors of the seventh edition of the GF Vip. In this first week at home, she has already demonstrated different aspects of her personality, from the most playful and fun to the fragile. Ginevra is experiencing severe suffering due to the breakdown of relations with her younger sister, Elettra Lamborghini: the two have interrupted all relations for about three years, but the exact reason has not been disclosed.

It was at home to talk about the matter Sofia Giaele Di Donà, former protagonist of Ti spedisco al convent, also a competitor of the GF. The Vippona indulged in some comments that did not go unnoticed, as reported by “She tells and does not tell, first he says he doesn’t know the reasons why they closed and then he says he did little things to her, ”said Giaele. The latter stresses that if it comes to small things (like throwing excrement on her sister’s car, as revealed by Ginevra herself) it is forgivable, but the speech is different if something heavier has happened. “She wants to be good and humble, but she is not ”.

Giaele underlines how, for years, Ginevra lived in the shadow of her sister and, for this reason, she now tries to put herself at the center of attention: “Copies will never be the originals, you can see that he is making an effort. The way she talks sounds like Electra, the way she poses sounds like Electra, the way she sings .. A little too much, everyone should create their own identity of her ”.

Geneva Lamborghini Electra Breakdown
Giale at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

A strong and decisive accusation, that of Giaele: will his words be shown in Geneva during this evening’s episode? We just have to wait to find out!