Ginevra Lamborghini disqualified from the GF VIP, the mother intervenes: the hard vent

After the disqualification from the GF Vip, the mother of Ginevra Lamborghini intervened on the social networks: the hard social outburst, what she said.

Several days have also passed since the Marco Bellavia ‘case’ and the disqualification of Geneva Lamborghini from GF VIP, yet it would seem that the topic is still pretty hot. A few hours ago, in fact, the mom of the very young heiress intervened on her social channel, letting herself go to a long and painful outburst.

Geneva Lamborghini. Credits: Mediaset Play

The episode of the GF Vip on Monday 3 October, as mentioned in several articles, was literally heart-pounding! We imagined, in fact, that the landlord would talk about Marco Bellavia and his retirement and, in fact, it was just like that. Starting from his entry by bicycle to the last confessional just before leaving, Alfonso Signorini retraced the entire adventure of the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam, underlining how indifferent his companions were to his discomfort.

As he imagined, the GF Vip considered it necessary to take measures towards those who did not behave well towards Bellavia. Not only, in fact, Giovanni Ciacci was eliminated by means of a flash televoting, but Ginevra Lamborghini was also disqualified for a very nice sentence towards his travel companion.

The outburst of Ginevra Lamborghini’s mother after being disqualified from GF Vip

As far as he was wrong, the reaction of Geneva Lamborghini at the news of the disqualification it was a blow to the heart. Repentant of what she had said to her partner, the young girl accepted the harsh measure inflicted on him, but she could not help but reveal to her companions how afraid she was to go out of her. “They’ll put me in the pillory”, Vippona said a few moments before leaving the house forever. Indeed, it was! Not only, in fact, her exit caused the reaction from the ex-wife of the good Bellavia, but she caused a real social ‘chaos’ so much that she was forced to take a drastic decision.

A few hours after his exit from the house of the GF Vip, even there mother of Ginevra Lamborghini intervened on the incident, indulging in a long and painful social outburst. It is precisely on her Twitter page that Ms. Luisa Peterlongo has clearly stated her opinion on the subject, explaining how much the bullying done by his wife towards Marco is now done towards her daughter. “She was fed to the sharks, the same ones who are indignant and shout ‘NO TO BULLYING’, I see no end to all this hatred ‘, he wrote.

geneva mom
Twitter vent. Credits: Twitter
geneva mom
Vent pt 2. Credits: Twitter

From these words we clearly understand the suffering of a mother who, even if she became aware of her daughter’s mistake, cannot remain indifferent to the hatred towards her.