Ginevra Lamborghini, his gesture does not go unnoticed: it happened after the live broadcast of the GF Vip

Ginevra Lamborghini, his gesture does not go unnoticed: it happened after the live broadcast of GF Vip yesterday, 6 October 2022.

An episode full of emotions and twists, that of GF Vip aired yesterday, Thursday 6 October 2022. An episode where Marco Bellavia was once again talked about, with a touching letter that the former competitor wrote to the VIPs still at home.

Ginevra Lamborghini (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

An episode in which she was also talked about, Geneva Lamborghini, disqualified from the game following a sentence pronounced against Marco. Elettra Lamborghini’s sister returned to the studio, but also to her house, where she was able to see Antonino Spinalbese and the rest of his companions again. Then, after yesterday’s long live broadcast, this happened.

Ginevra Lamborghini, the gesture after the episode of the GF Vip: what he did

Ginevra Lamborghini was a great protagonist of this GF Vip, despite her experience in the house lasted very little. Experience that rightly ended due to a disqualification, but, to the delight of her fans, Ginevra will be present in the studio during the next episodes. It was not an easy day for her, yesterday, and it was she who revealed it, through a long message shared in his stories of Instagram.

This is the first time that Ginevra breaks the silence on social media, after the storm that broke out at GF Vip. “I do not hide that I come from four days of pure hell, four days where I felt the world fall on me ”, writes Lamborghini, reiterating what he had declared in the episode. The former competitor explains that she has received an avalanche of comments full of hate and contempt. Comments that she read one by one, to realize what was happening. “Today more than butI feel I have fully understood my mistake and I will treasure it“, Explains Ginevra, who underlines how she managed to find the strength to get up.

“Among the many negative comments that they were pushing me into an endless abyssI have found your love, your understanding, your support, your solidarity, and finally, although not of all, your forgiveness, and for this I am infinitely grateful ”.

In this dark period, Ginevra discovered that she could count on the affection of a real host of fans, whom she thanks with “her slightly bruised heart”. And to whom she makes an important promise: “I will return to shine brighter than ever. I love you my little stars “.

geneva laborghini gesture
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In the following story, Lamborghini also dedicates a thought to the “little stars it left in the house”, which it strongly misses: Nikita Pelizon, Cristina Quaranta, Carolina Marconi, Antonino Spinalbese and Luca Salatino.