Ginevra Lamborghini tells everything that happened with her sister Elettra

At Big Brother Vip 7, competitor Ginevra Lamborghini told what happened with her sister Elettra: her words

From the beginning, we understood that the relationship between Geneva Lamborghini and his sister Elettra was full of disagreements. The competitor, who has just entered the most spied house in Italy, and indeed even earlier during the recording of the presentation video, made it known that relations between the two are anything but peaceful. And that the reasons for this conflict are not known to her.

Ginevra Lamborghini on her sister Elettra (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

In these just 10 days spent within the walls of the house of Big Brother Vip however, Geneva is gradually ‘unbuttoning’ itself past background that would lead his sister Elettra to distance themselves. A few days ago, we heard Ginevra say that the discontent of the Caramel singer is to be found in the past.

Since they were children, the two would often have been compared by their father, and according to Ginevra in these years in which she too has launched into the world of music, she would have been perceived by her sister as a ‘threat’ to her popularity. The current competitor of the reality show then told how for some time now the family has been organizing the holidays to spend together in company.

In recent days, however, too Elettra wanted to make her voice heard about it. And indeed, more than a voice, with an Instagram story he wanted to have his say about what her sister Geneva had been talking about inside the house in recent days. Just in these hours, however, Ginevra has brought out yet another particular detail that would gradually clarify where all this discontent between her and her sister comes from. Here’s what we found.

Ginevra Lamborghini: “The situation has degenerated”, tells what happened with his sister Elettra

Geneva Lamborghini seems not to rest on the relationship with his sister Electra. The young competitor of the Big Brother Vipin the spotlight has several times in recent days expressed his desire to open a confrontation with his older sister.

In order to know what are the real reasons that actually led her to move away. In the second episode aired last Thursday 22 September, the Vippona had made it known that if she wanted, some motivation of her could be found but that according to her it was ‘banality’.

In the same days, the young competitor had ended up in a clash with another Vippo in the house. As soon as Giaele De Donà entered the house she had made it known that she knew the reasons for the quarrel between Elettra and Ginevra. Behind this conflict, there would be a video that, according to Giaele, Ginevra would have kept to intimidate her sister by letting her know that she would have made it public. This would have made Electra very angry.

Until now, the existence of this video had not been taken for granted, as we have said until today. Well, in a conversation with Wilma Goich, Ginevra would actually have made it known that yes, this video exists. However, the competitor did not go into detail and did not go too far in telling the content of the video or what happened before or after that shoot.

geneva lamborghini elettra
Ginevra Lamborghini (Credits: Instagram)

When she realizes that I was making a video she changed her attitude and instead of being silent she said ‘good are you making me a video? compliments’. There the situation degenerated and we had a strong fight“, Geneva recounted.

How will Elettra react to these statements now? In your opinion, will we see a flamboyant live comparison between the two Lamborghinis?