Giocamifaro presents the album Default: “We need to talk more in each other’s ears”

After racking up millions of streams with the first EP Staines (UMA Records, June 2021) and the debut album Post Nostalgia (Columbia Records/Nigiri, June 2022) and a summer that saw her as the protagonist of an important summer tour, with a stop at the Verona Arena for Radio Zeta Future Hits (she sang Santa Immediately together with Asteria) and at the Red Valley Festival in Olbia in front of over 25 thousand people, call me lighthouse confirms his continuous artistic evolution with Defaultseven songs in which the singer-songwriter, born Angelica Gori, between immediate lyrics and engaging sounds and with the freshness of her pen and her narrative pop, tells what it’s like to be twenty years old today, amid uncertainties, regrets and light-heartedness.

Angelica, let’s start from the history of this album which, as well as life stories, tells the story of your growth by including songs from different periods of your life.

There was an evolution that is reflected in the EP compared to previous projects. It was a courageous work in terms of sound and I enjoyed it. The beauty of pop, or indie pop, is that recognition comes through the pen, what is around can vary.

White Noise it makes you think of anything except muffling external annoyances. Indeed here it also amplifies the internal ones up to “let’s get rid of the worst”. Is this your way of stopping your head from spinning even if you’ve already lost it?

The song talks about a somewhat tormented love story but also addresses the theme of the overproduction of the music market where everyone tries to shout a little louder to stop the white noise while instead fueling it. I don’t take myself out of a system I’m part of and I have no solution but in the text I say let’s dance about it. It’s the talking in each other’s ears that I miss.

Do you often feel guilty? And also examine your conscience? You know that someone claims that conscience is like a dress: to clean it you just need to not use it. Is it a good compromise?
If I talk about you it’s a particular piece, I’m attached to it, it talks about violence against women, it wasn’t easy to write, in fact it was the most difficult. It’s a topic that I feel close to, it takes great mastery in the use of words to deal with this topic in a non-obvious way. I did an obsessive word-by-word analysis and I’m proud of it.

“It takes too much patience with you”…and with you instead? Are you patient with yourself or are you the first to run away from yourself?
I’m working on it. I try to get better at songwriting, it takes time and involves banging your head against the wall. I don’t write in a few minutes and I look for the right patience.

When is the last time you said to yourself Santa Immediately?

Maybe coming out of the holiday season, when you meet relatives who ask you every year if you have a boyfriend and how university is going.

Coins it is the song of doubts. The first is “what happened to a kiss never given”: in your opinion? Is he lost or waiting for a second chance?

It is never given and will never be given, it’s as if it freezes in that exact moment of insecurity and it’s nice that it stops there. Then the seconds, the thirds will arrive…

Can you tell me a sentence you wrote on your desk in high school?

A name plus a little heart and some aphorisms.

Of the coins you threw into the Trevi fountain, is there a wish that came true?

For years now, when I express it, I ask to be successful in music, so here we are. In addition to the wish with the coin, there is the one with the lucky bracelet that breaks years later and when it happens you don’t even remember the wish anymore. The emotion lies in the sense of waiting. Things happen if they’re meant to happen.

And finally, where did the melancholy of the drawings on the hand go?

Above all, I did it in high school and, in order not to take notes, I drew tattoos, dates of birth and the worst things. I used to tattoo suns on myself and one day I will tattoo a sun on my hand.

In love, does the Roman bill have its own poetry or does it taste like a cold dish that you have to eat?
Love stories take your toll but not in the Roman way, a heart doesn’t break perfectly in half. Someone always pays a little more than others. It’s told well in the song Breakeven by The Script.

What relationship do you have with poetry? When she lives in the most unthinkable things she is always romantic even if sometimes “It reminds me of where you live where you live”?

In this EP the meaning is to try to rediscover the poetry of small things, the everyday life that we live by default. The title was the most difficult word to find: to get out of default mode you need awareness.

Promise, by 2024, that you will stop feeling “like the darkness after sunset”? A year of only light!
Every now and then a little shade is needed, the songs don’t always have to be that of a sad and tormented artist but they must reflect the natural progression of life, between happiness and melancholy.

The first concerts have been announced: what can you tell me and will there be other surprises?
Before the concerts we play the album. The live shows will be made up of many different moments, I want an interactive audience. There will be some pieces missed in the last tour, some overs and even some surprises. And then you host all the dates.