Giorgia: “In the arenas to end a crazy year. Sanremo? I don’t rule out a return”

The Roman singer-songwriter has been engaged in the third tranche of the ‘Blu’ tour since November 7th

On Sanremo I respond like Califano: I don’t rule out returning. With the festival it is better not to say anything, the facts show that anything can happen. But now let’s end this crazy year in the arenas first.” Two weeks after the start of ‘Blu Live – Palasport’, the third chapter of the 2023 tour, dedicated to the new album ‘Blu’, after the first tranche in the opera houses (an extraordinary success with all dates sold out before departure) and the second in the summer festivals, Giorgia talks to Adnkronos, taking stock of a year that saw her return to the scene in an overwhelming waybetween the participation in Sanremo, the new album, the film debut as an actress and the tour which will resume on November 7th from the Mediolanum Forum in Assago and continue in Rome (November 11th), Mantua (November 18th), Florence (November 23rd ), Casalecchio di Reno (24 November), Padua (28 November), Bari (1 December), Eboli (2 December), Brescia (9 December), Turin (13 December).

“After the more intimate atmospheres of opera theaters and the more light-hearted ones of open-air concerts, in the arenas you will see yet another dimension, more driven, more played, more danced and more aggressive”, says the Roman singer-songwriter who for these new dates in the arenas there will be an unprecedented line-up of musicians on stage: Diana Winter (vocals and guitar), Andrea Faustini (voice), Fabio Visocchi (keyboards), Gianluca Ballarin (piano, keyboards and programming), Mylious Johnson (drums), Sonny T (bass, guitar and musical direction) e Andrea Rigonat (guitars). The latter is Elisa’s husband, with whom Giorgia has a special relationship, also sealed by the Sanremo duet in which they exchanged rumors about the two pieces with which they had been rivals at Ariston in 2001. “With Andrea – explains Giorgia – I had never played. I appreciate it very much but I would never have dared to ask him. Then luckily we found ourselves talking about it. I hadn’t had a guitarist for a while and this beautiful thing was born.”

For the arenas I wanted a band that would make it possible to range from a ballad to a more jazzy piece, to rock to a dance homage“, he underlines. “The set list? You will understand from the beginning that it is different music compared to previous months. The beginning will be very different from that of opera theatres, where we started very melodic with a piano intro. Here it will be the opposite, we will immediately go full speed. If I survive the first three pieces, then it will be downhill,” he jokes. “The program will be a surprise”, she says, also punctuated by the clothes that Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior created for her, after having dressed her both in Sanremo and on the theater tour and having created the image of the Vitruvian woman for the cover of album ‘Blu’: “In the arenas you will discover me more. I will be a decomposed Vitruvian woman. But with great attention to the comfort of movements”, she assures. Will you dance? “Of course, I will also have my teenage moment, I like to dance.” Does Emanuel (Emanuel Lo, Giorgia’s fellow dancer, musician and choreographer, ed.) advise you? “Every now and then I ask him something and he is very helpful in words but then he disappears on ‘Amici’ and I see him on TV. And anyway I listen to the advice but then I do as I want…”, he laughs.

Of this year lived with maximum intensity, Giorgia says: “On an experiential level, more than a year! It looks like ten. Of course there were better moments, others more stressful. But I took an internal journey that changed me. I’m not the same as I was a year ago, that’s for sure. I feel transformed.”

Now the dates in the sports halls, which Giorgia is among the few female artists to face alone, present her with new challenges, including personal ones: “I’m terrified of leaving because my son Samuel has started high school, which is an important step. And Emanuel is also struggling with Amici. And I’m more of a brooder than I would have thought a few years ago: I’m capable of leaving lunch portions ready in the freezer. Then I hold back because I think it’s also good to make these children independent.”

Of the “great affection” relationship that binds her to her audience, she says: “In 30 years, my fans have become relatives, they bring me their children. And the beautiful thing is that we are faced with the first generation in which parents ask their children to photograph them with their favorites. Then there are 13-14 year olds who write to me on social media, who know everything about my songs. In those moments I feel a bit like Morandi. My son asked me for a video a few days ago and I thought it was for a mother of some partner but instead it was for a partner. This gives me hope for the future of my concerts, I should still have a few years of live performances ahead of me”, he quips.”The return to Sanremo certainly also had an impact on the relationship with young people. This summer at a table of kids next to us, I heard: ‘look, there’s the one from Sanremo’. And it is a generation that knows nothing about the first Giorgia, the one with the provocative video of ‘I still choose you'”, he underlines. “Now I feel greater empathy, when I was younger this thing didn’t happen, perhaps I was also more closed. Now, however, I really enjoy the relationship with the eyes of the public and I tell myself that then I have sown something good”, she smiles.

In his return to tour this year he especially noted that “There is a desire in the public to participate that I didn’t remember. I am convinced that it is also linked to the experience of the pandemic. There is a great desire to be there, to sing, to dance, to feel part of a community, connected live, not with a mobile phone”, he says.

As for the debut from actress at the cinema, with the film ‘Scordato’ by and with Rocco Papaleo, Giorgia confesses: “I would like to do it again if I found a project that excites me as Rocco’s did. Papaleo. Of course, it is a very demanding job that cannot be done as a hobby, you have to prepare and dedicate yourself”, he adds, confirming his proverbial professional dedication.

At the end of the interview, while she is ready to pick up her son from school, Giorgia also talks about hers Rome in the grip of traffic: “I live near the Iron Bridge, where there has been construction for a year. Now, then, a thousand construction sites have sprung up all together in other parts of the city. I voted for Gualtieri – he says laughing – but couldn’t these jobs have been organized a little better? Maybe stagger them? It takes people two hours to go to work in the morning. In short, the feeling is that, if all goes well, the work on Italia ’90 could be finished by the Jubilee“, he ironically comments.