Giorgia Meloni against surrogacy and “gender ideology”: “Women first victims”

The prime minister attacked the practice, calling it “the slavery of the third millennium”. Then on the theme of gender identity: “Masculine and feminine are rooted in bodies and it is an incontrovertible fact”. Support from Arcilesbica: “You are not a woman being male for self-declaration alone”. Arcigay: “We claim the right of every person to self-determination”

First the attack on the practice of rented wombs, defined as “the slavery of the third millennium”, then the intervention on the so-called “gender theory” of which “women are the first victims”: it is destined to cause discussion in the interview that the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, granted to Grace, on newsstands tomorrow. Among the topics touched upon, as mentioned, there is that of the rented uterus: “It is the Italian law that says that this practice is not lawful, not me. I don’t think that commercializing the female body and transforming motherhood into a business can be considered civilizational achievements. The surrogate womb is the slavery of the third millennium and I will never resign myself to the idea that it could be the result of centuries of struggle for women’s rights”.

Meloni: “Children have the right to have a mum and a dad”

“I was lucky enough to have a mother and a family who never made me want for anything, but I can’t say that my father’s absence hasn’t weighed on my life. I fully understood it when he died, and I realized the depth of suffering that his emptiness had created in me – continued Meloni – I don’t know anyone who would give up one of their parents or who would choose to be raised only by their father or mother. Children have the right to have the best: a mum and a dad”, added the Prime Minister in response to the director Silvia Grilli who asked her if it is “important for the good of the children to have both a father and a mother? that the parents are of the opposite sex ?”.

“Gender ideology at the expense of women”

During the interview, the Prime Minister then touched on one of the most debated topics in the field of civil rights: gender identity. “Today the unilateral right to proclaim oneself a woman or a man is being claimed, beyond any path, surgical, pharmacological and even administrative,” said the premier. “Masculine and feminine are rooted in bodies and it is an incontrovertible fact. Will all this be to the detriment of women? I think so: today to be a woman, it is claimed that it is enough to proclaim oneself as such, in the meantime one works to erase the body, the essence, the difference. Women are the first victims of gender ideology. Many feminists think so too ”, added Giorgia Meloni.

Archlesbian: “I agree with Meloni”

And the president of Arcilesbica Cristina Gramolini intervened on this last step, supporting the words of the premier: “I agree with Meloni on the fact that giving the possibility to a man to declare himself a woman, beyond any surgical procedure, pharmacological and administrative, harm women. I agree with the fact that you cannot skip the sexual body, that is, you are not a woman being male for self-declaration alone, this would harm reality and women, for example in women’s sports or in equal opportunity policies”. Then Gramolini he added: “I also think that gender ideology is right, right when it says that we are men and women over time in different ways, that masculinity and femininity are not natural, while the female and male bodies are natural. The roles sexual are historical, bodies are natural.

Arcigay: “We claim the right to self-determination”

On the other hand, Arcigay’s answer is of a completely different tenor: “What Meloni summarily defines as ‘proclamation’ is not an arbitrary act, a show of wit, a habit or a whim, it is the affirmation of one’s gender identity . Gender identity is the stable perception that each person has of themselves. All people have a gender identity that is independent of the sex assigned to us at birth. Gender studies – which are not an ideology but a field of study that brings together even dissimilar points of view – do not deny the bodies into which we are born, nor the difference between them, but question the socially constructed gender roles in based on this difference and the power relations that derive from it”, said the national president of Arcigay Natascia Maesi. “We claim the right of every person to self-determination, the recognition of all paths of gender affirmation both those that involve the use of hormonal therapies and surgery, and those that are not medicalized, because those who have a non-compliant gender identity to social expectations does not have a pathology to cure and is not a threat to society, much less to women, who know very well what it means to pay the price of their difference”.