Giorgia Meloni arrives on LinkedIn, how many parliamentarians are on the social network? THE DATA

The survey carried out by iCorporate on the current legislature shows that 191 out of 404 deputies – 14% – and 79 out of 206 senators – 38% – are present on LinkedIn. Brothers of Italy is the party with the greatest presence, but the most followed is former premier Enrico Letta: here are all the numbers on Italian politics

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni landed in May 2023 on LinkedIn. However, the leader of FdI does not have much company: less than half of the parliamentarians are present on the social network. They are 207 out of 606, less than half of the total. The data emerges from a survey carried out by iCorporate on the current legislature, which shows that 191 out of 404 deputies – 14% – and 79 out of 206 senators – 38% are present on the social network. The analysis was conducted to evaluate precisely the quantity of the presence of deputies and senators on LinkedIn, as well as the following received by the parliamentarians and the frequency with which they published posts. Here’s what the results are.

The parties with the most MPs on LinkedIn

Among the parties present in Parliament, it is the Brothers of Italy that has the highest number of deputies and senators present on LinkedIn: they are 83. Followed by the 5 Star Movement with 43 and the Lega with 42. Although FdI is the group more numerous on social media, 4 of the 10 most followed parliamentarians are from the Democratic Party: in the lead is the former Dem secretary Enrico Letta, with over 87 thousand followers. Followed by the former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino of the Movimento 5 stelle, and then the resigning Carlo Cottarelli. However, not all the politicians present are active: in fact, the survey shows that only 78 out of 606 use LinkedIn on an ongoing basis, 55 deputies and 23 senators.

The most active MPs

In any case, the politicians with the most followers do not coincide with the most active ones: in the top 3, in fact, are Antonio De Poli of Noi Moderati with 574 active posts, Erica Mazzetti of Forza Italia with 293 contents and Luigi Marattin of Azione /Italia Viva with 218 posts. Furthermore, among the party leaders only Giorgia Meloni (from this month) and Giuseppe Conte – current and former prime minister – are active on LinkedIn. While another former prime minister like Matteo Renzi, and still Emma Bonino and Elly Schlein, although they are present, they are passive.

Scalino: “With Meloni’s arrival, others could follow”

“LinkedIn is certainly the social media that best fits the communication strategies of companies, both to tell the story to the outside and to involve employees and top managers”, explained Nicholas Scalino, Digital Practice Leader of iCorporate. “As far as the sphere of politics is concerned, it has been a consolidated tool for years now in countries like France or Great Britain where there are leaders at their helm. However, we wondered if the effectiveness and penetration of this channel was actually at the same level within the Italian Parliament. It was a partial discovery to note how little it is used in the two Chambers, not only as a simple presence with a profile, but also due to the little activity that deputies and senators do to enhance their role and the initiatives in which they are involved. What we expect is that, also in light of the recent landing on the Premier Meloni platform, many others decide to use it much more actively, also considering that the other social channels are increasingly inclined to attract the attention of haters and detractors”.