Giorgia Meloni in Cairo at the peace summit: “Two-state solution”

The Prime Minister at the summit: “Condemn Hamas without ambiguity”

“The structural solution to the crisis is with two peoples and two states.” This is what the Prime Minister said Giorgia Meloni in Cairo, Egypt at the Middle East peace summit, organized by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. It is necessary to resume “a political initiative for a structural solution to the crisis” in the Middle East. “A solution that must be concrete and have a defined timing” he underlines. “We must do everything possible to avoid an escalation of this crisis” because, the Prime Minister warned, “the consequences would be unimaginable”. “Italy will be the bridge for dialogue between Europe and the Middle East” hopes the prime minister who warns: “No cause justifies terrorism and massacred newborns”.

The reaction of a State cannot and must never be motivated by feelings of revenge. A State bases its reaction on the basis of precise security reasons, measuring its strength and protecting the civilian population. This is the border where the reaction of a state must remain in the face of terrorism and I am confident that it is also Israel’s will.”

The Prime Minister then expressed concern “for the fate of the hostages in the hands of Hamas” including Italian citizens. “We ask for the immediate release of the hostages, clearly starting with women, children and the elderly.” I consider this conference “very important” after the terrible attack by Hamas last October 7th which, we must remember, he fell down against unarmed civilians with unprecedented brutality that leaves one horrified and that is right condemn without ambiguity“. “It was a duty for Italy to participate in this conference, due to the role that Italy historically plays as a bridge of dialogue between Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East”, underlined the Prime Minister.

“The impression I have, and I will say it with the frankness that is proper to me, is that due to the ways in which it took place this was the real objective of the Hamas attack: not to defend the rights of the Palestinian people, but force a reaction against Gaza that would undermine any attempt at dialogue and create an unbridgeable gap between the Arab countries, Israel and the West, definitively compromising the peace and well-being of all the citizens involved, including those who say they want to defend and to represent”. ““The Target” of Hamasthe Italian Prime Minister warned, “it’s all of us and I don’t think we can fall into this trap, it would be a very, very stupid thing.”

“I consider the decision of the EU Commission to be very important triple humanitarian aid to Gaza to over 75 million euros” but “the increase in resources must be accompanied by very strict control over who uses them”.

Upon arriving at the summit, the Prime Minister was welcomed by the Italian Ambassador to Egypt, Michele Quaroni and the Egyptian Minister of Trade, Hazem al-Beblawi. There was also an initial brief exchange between the Prime Minister, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and King Abd Allah II of Jordan. The leaders then posed for the traditional family photo, during which Meloni had the opportunity to greet the president of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez. The leaders took their seats at the large circular table of the St. Regis Hotel with the symbol of the summit, a dove of peace, in the center.

Bilateral Meloni-Abu Mazen

According to what we learn, a bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the president of the Palestinian National Authority Abu Mazen is underway in Cairo. The face-to-face meeting takes place on the sidelines of the peace summit, in which the two leaders take part.

Al Sisi

Al Sisi opened the proceedings with his speech, stating that “the solution” to the conflict in the Middle East “is the proclamation of the Palestinian state”. Israel, meanwhile, is preparing for a ground attack against the Gaza Strip in the clash with Hamas.

Topics on the table

At the center of the summit, which takes place in the new administrative capital of the city, the “developments and the future of the Palestinian cause and the peace process” at the height of the war between Israel and Hamas. There are around twenty countries invited to the summit, which will be divided into two working sessions at the end of which a joint declaration could be issued: from Qatar to Turkey, from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates United, which should be represented by Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed.

As for the European leaders, in addition to Meloni, the president of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez (rotating president of the European Union), Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Greece) and Nikos Christodoulides (Cyprus) will take part in the work. Foreign ministers are expected for Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Among the participants also the secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, the president of the European Council Charles Michel, and the high representative of EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell.


It is necessary “that all efforts for mediation be put in place to stop the conflict” in the Middle East, “it is necessary to protect civilians, children and the weakest groups. This was said at the Peace Summit in Cairo by the president of EU Council Charles Michel, condemning “firmly the terrorist attack by Hamas on the Israeli people”. “We confirm Israel’s right to self-defense but this must take place within the framework of international law” he concludes.