Giorgia Meloni in Riga: “Agree with Latvia on immigration issues”

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A “very broad” exchange of views, with points in common, for example, on the issue of migrants, on support for Ukraine against Russia and on the economic challenges of the European Union. So Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the press conference after the bilateral meeting in Riga with Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins. Tomorrow and Wednesday, the Prime Minister will be at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. “It has been 25 years since an Italian premier has gone to Riga”, said Meloni, inviting his counterpart to fly to Rome soon.

“To be addressed unanimously, the issue of migration must be managed from the start”

The immigration dossier was therefore central in the conversation between Meloni and Karins. “Latvia has external borders of the EU, it is easier to think about primary movements instead of discussing secondary ones”, said Meloni. The prime minister then added that, “to be addressed unanimously”, the issue of migration “must be managed from the start”. Recalling that “we are different nations”, Meloni underlined how the “best way” to address the issue is to work “together”, so as “to stop illegal immigration, giving equal rights to those who come to live with us when the flows are governed”.

“On Ukraine, security and defense Rome and Riga have identical positions”

Above all, Ukraine will be on the table at the forthcoming NATO summit in Vilnius, “together with security and defense policy,” said Meloni. On these points, the positions of Italy and Latvia “are essentially identical”. And that is: “We support Ukraine at 360 degrees, also by working so that Europe can invest more in its own security and defense”. After the press conference, Meloni left to reach the military base of Camp Adazi – “where 270 Italian soldiers work within the scope of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence mission” – and this, he wanted to remark, “demonstrates not only the attention that Italy pays to our allies who are on the border but also how much we believe that in terms of defense and security , in this time, we must be particularly attentive, concentrated and lucid”.