Giorgia Meloni: “It will be the first government without reshuffles”

The Prime Minister: “Creating a vision takes time. And I am proud to have the necessary time”

A reshuffle? “Never. I want to break another record: to finish the legislature with the same government I started it with. It would be the first time in republican history.” These are the words of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, interviewed by Bruno Vespa for the book ‘Il rancore e la Speranza’ to be released on 8 November by Mondadori/Rai Libri and anticipated today by Messaggero. “Berlusconi was in Palazzo Chigi for five years, but with two different governments. Realizing a vision takes time. And I’m proud to have had the necessary time.” “What amazes me – adds the Prime Minister – is the total invention of arguments with my government allies. I have read quotes of mine in which I insult Salvini which not only were never uttered, but not even thought of”. “I don’t feel the dimension of the siege at all. It’s the story that is told about me. I know that there are enemies willing to do anything to bring me down. But they don’t scare me. As I said at the beginning of my mandate, I cannot be blackmailed” concludes the Prime Minister.