Giorgia Meloni: “Palazzo Chigi is like a roller coaster, sometimes you feel like going down”

“From mother to prime minister there are many sacrifices, I jump through hoops to spend as much time as possible with my daughter”, confides the Prime Minister

Palazzo Chigi? It’s like being on a roller coaster 24/7. Every day is a challenge and being able to keep everything together is really difficult. Sometimes you get the urge to get off from that roller coaster, to stop for a moment and get back to normal. But it’s a thought that only crosses your mind for a few moments and then fades away. Because you know that what you are doing has a purpose, a greater sense”. Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in an exclusive interview with the weekly “Chi”, on newsstands tomorrow.

Meloni trusts that as a prime minister “there are many sacrifices, Surely. Sometimes I miss everyday life, the little things, even the simplest ones. My life has always been a race against time, but now it’s like never before. For this I do every day somersaults to compress my crazy schedule as much as possible and carve out as much time as possible to be with my daughter Ginevra. Time is the most precious thing we have and we can’t afford to waste it.”

“I managed to carve out a few days of vacation. I had to succeed. I haven’t stopped for more than two years and, at a certain point, excessive tiredness risks making you lose lucidity and concentration. Then you know that Puglia is one of my favorite destinations, except that it is the main enemy of my diets. It is a natural bridge between West and East, which is why the government has chosen it to host the G7 meetings in 2024”.