Giorgia Palmas, just awakened and disheveled: she shows herself without filters

Giorgia Palmas shows herself as soon as she wakes up and disheveled: here she is in a shot taken from a video in which she appears without filters.

Giorgia Palmas she made it known a few days ago, on her instagram channel, answering the questions of those who follow her, that there are projects in sight for the autumn. “I would like to see you on TV, for the grace and sunshine you express, do you have projects on the horizon?“A user asked her and she commented that yes, there is something going on for this fall.

Giorgia just woke up (credits: instagram)

The showgirl didn’t say anything else, so we don’t know exactly what it is but we can’t wait to see it on the small screen. This is a magical year for her, in May 2022 she got married to Filippo Magnini. The couple got married with a civil ceremony in 2021 but fulfilled the dream of celebrating the ceremony also in church.

In an interview with Verissimo in which they were present together, he said that that day was memorable, the emotions followed one after another: “A happiness that I believe we will be able to keep in memories forever”. The presenter is Sofia’s mother born from the previous relationship with the footballer Davide Bombardini. Together with Filippo, she has become one of little Mia for the second time. These days she is on vacation with her family. In a recent story instagram showed the landscape and she showed herself as soon as she was awake and disheveled: here it is without filters.

Giorgia Palmas, just awakened and disheveled: the showgirl shows herself in a video without filters

In these days Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini they are taking advantage of the summer to spend a few days by the sea. There are many images that the showgirl has shared in which in all she shows off different costumes and a beauty to take your breath away.

In a June photo she wore a classic two-piece that immediately caught the eye. First because it gives her a lot and then the color is bright white and the model has some peculiarities that make it unique. In addition to the two pieces, Giorgia she also wears one-piece bikinis, for example in one shot she showed herself with a one-piece black strapless swimsuit and with a distinctive design on the abdomen. But her followers are always very attentive and since there are almost 2 million who follow her, it is impossible that this does not happen. Her latest stories about her instagram in which she showed the beauty of the landscape and in the foreground is her with her caught her attention.

Giorgia Palmas just wakes up
Giorgia palmas, video (credits: instagram)

The showgirl just woke up, as he writes at the bottom of the image, and looks disheveled: “Just awake and very brave. Good morning everyone”. Giorgia shows herself unfiltered in the morning, beautiful as always in all her simplicity.