Giorgia Palmas, the news everyone was waiting for: she revealed it herself

Giorgia Palmas, the news that many were waiting for has arrived and she herself makes it known.

Giorgia Palmas is one of the most beautiful Italian showgirls, her debut on television dates back to many years ago, when she was very young. Her popularity came in 2002 when she became the brunette tissue of Striscia la Notizia flanked by the blonde Elena Barolo.

Giorgia Palmas, news (credits: instagram)

After this first beginning, many doors of the show open up for her, so much so that she also lands in acting. She stars in the successful Carabinieri series in the 2005-2006 television season. In recent years Giorgia’s career has exploded and today she is a beloved television personality. For a few months, in May 2022, she has been married to Filippo Magnini. The couple had married in a civil ceremony but fulfilled the dream of getting married also in the Church.

In an interview with Verissimo, the presenter recounted all the emotions felt that day, defining that day as memorable: “A happiness that I believe we will be able to keep in our memories forever. They were emotions shared with everyone “, he had confessed to Silvia Toffanin. The public followed the interview with affection, the couple is much loved so much that even on social networks they are very popular. Giorgia often interacts with her followers by publishing shots and sharing stories in which she shows everyday life. In the last few days through her ig she has talked to those who follow her, also answering many curiosities. And it is she answering a question that broke the news that many were waiting for.

Giorgia Palmas, the news everyone was waiting for: what she revealed in the last hours

On social media it is very active and is followed by almost 2 million followers. With such a high number it’s easy to imagine that everything you share never goes unnoticed. In the last few days she has published a series of shots in which we can admire her at the sea showing off a dazzling physique and a beauty to take your breath away.

The showgirl in all the images wore very beautiful summer clothes, the costumes always captured the attention of fans, of different genres, two-piece or whole, and with different colors. Also in the last few days, talking to her followers, she answered some questions and curiosities. Through her stories about her instagram she interacted with those who follow her and finding herself answering a question from a user she left a piece of news that many were waiting for.

Giorgia palmas news
Giorgia palmas, news (credits: instagram)

Someone asked her if there are any programs on the horizon for her, because he would like to see her on television; the showgirl replied letting everyone know that yes, apparently there is something for this fall. This means that we will soon see her on the small screen or in some project, as she herself says.