Giorgia Soleri back in the storm for that tattoo on her back: what’s written

Giorgia Soleri ended up in the storm again for that tattoo on her back: that’s what it says.

Giorgia Soleri it becomes more and more known and this notoriety obviously brought it to the center of public attention. Being popular, however, seems to have a very high price because the young woman has been at the center of controversy for many different reasons for days. In recent years, the activist has become the bearer of very important battles so that ‘invisible diseases’ are recognized.

Gioriga soleri, tattoo (credits. Instagram)

She promoted the bill to raise awareness on issues such as endometriosis and vulvodynia, which she herself suffers from. It is with these battles carried on that she has become known. Her name reached a high degree of popularity, growing even more when everyone learned she was Damiano of the Maneskin’s girlfriend. As we have said in recent days, you have been at the center of the controversy.

Like many influencers, she too walked the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Someone, however, remembered that some time ago, answering some questions from her, he had made it known that cinema was boring for her and that he did not like it very much. So many of her have criticized her saying that she showed up at a Film Festival after having clearly said that she is not attracted to it. In the last few hours, however, she ended up again at the center of criticism, this time for a tattoo he did behind his back.

Giorgia Soleri ends up again at the center of the controversy for a tattoo: what is written

She is an activist, influencer, model and writer, Giorgia Soleri has published her first book entitled ‘Miss Nobody’, which immediately had a certain response. It would seem, however, that not everyone liked this collection of poems and some have harshly criticized it.

Damiano dei Maneskin’s girlfriend apparently seems to have been at the center of criticism for days. First for his he arrived at the Venice Film Festival after a while ago he had said in some stories of his instagram that he considered cinema boring. Many users have thus criticized her saying that she has presented herself to an event where the theme is precisely that of her. Now Giorgia has ended up at the center of the controversy again, this time for another reason. In the last few days she has decided to get a tattoo on her back, quite large. It is a poem by Joumana HaddadLebanese journalist and poetess, entitled ‘I’m like this’.

Giorgia soleri tatauggio
Giorgia soleri, tattoo (credits. Instagram)

The poem begins: “I’m like this, I don’t have time for regrets, I play with destinies, I get bored easily I promise and I don’t keep”. Giorgia apparently felt close to him and wanted to tattoo her: “I am like this, a silence to gather me, a slow terror to disperse a silence and a terror to cure a cruel memory there is no light that can quit me. “ The choice was criticized by several users, some appreciated the beauty of the poem and the fact of having it imprinted on the body, others instead bitterly argued.