Giorgio Armani, moments of fear: the decision was inevitable, what happened

Moments of fear for the famous designer Giorgio Armani: forced to flee, the decision was completely inevitable.

There are those who choose to spend their summer holidays outside Italy – such as, for example, Mara Venier, who has a scary villa in Santo Domingo – or those who choose our beautiful country to enjoy some relaxation and time free. Belen and Stefano know this well, who on social networks usually show their days at home, but also Giorgio Armani not far behind.

Giorgio Armani. Credits: Youtube

As a destination for his holidays, Giorgio Armani has chosen a magnificent island in Southern Italy. It is precisely in Pantelleria that – as told by the person directly interested in Il Sole 24ore in 2020 – the designer has a villa, purchased several years ago and expanded over time, where he loves to take refuge in the ‘down’ moments of work. “I spend part of the summer vacation away from the chaotic rhythm of the city”, has explained.

It is precisely during his summer vacation, however, that Giorgio Armani lived moments of fear. According to what we read in Il Messaggero, it would seem that the unimaginable happened and that the designer, together with some of his friends, was forced to take a drastic decision. Let’s find out what happened together.

Giorgio Armani, moments of fear for the famous designer: what happened

Moments of fear for Giorgio Armani and his friends! According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the designer was in his house in Pantelleria with some of his companions when he was forced to abandon it in a hurry and take refuge on his yacht due to a maxi fire. The real causes of him are not known, but we can tell you that the consequences were more than heavy. The fire, in fact, was very heavy. And, due to the sirocco wind, it was not at all easy to tame.

Unfortunately, Giorgio Armani’s house was also affected by the fire. In Il Messaggero, we even read that the flames even reached the inside of the villa. And that the famous designer, along with his friends, was put on the run to get to safety on his boat. Everything, it seems, seems to have worked out for the best. Let’s imagine, however, that for the famous designer – as well as for all the others – it was a big scare.

The ‘denunciation’ of Myrta Merlino

A fire like this, as we can clearly understand, has absolutely not gone unnoticed. And besides having caused so much fear and fear, it has aroused a lot of disapproval. This is confirmed by the words of Myrta Merlino, wife of Marco Tardelli and presenter of L’aria che tira su La7, who on her Twitter channel ‘reported’ the incident.

armani fear
Myrta Merlino Twitter. Credits: Twitter

A short and concise message, which clearly describes the damage of this fire!