Giorgio Napolitano, burial at the non-Catholic cemetery in Rome

Funeral on Tuesday 26 September at 11.30 in the Montecitorio hall

The president emeritus Giorgio Napolitano, after the funeral on Tuesday 26 September in the Chamber, will be buried in the non-Catholic cemetery in Rome.

The funeral of the president emeritus, who died last Friday at the age of 98, will take place at 11.30 in the Montecitorio hall. Emmanuel Macron from Paris and Frank-Walter Steinmeier from Berlin will also be present, the French and German presidents will be in Rome to participate in the funeral.

It is the first time that a funeral will be held in the Montecitorio Chamber, while it is not the first time that secular state funerals of representatives of the institutions have been held. Before Napolitano, the former presidents of the Chamber Nilde Iotti and Pietro Ingrao chose the secular rite, whose funerals were celebrated outdoors in Piazza Montecitorio.

A secular funeral is a moment of collective remembrance, entrusted to funeral orations and the interventions of family, friends, colleagues and anyone who was close to him. At Nilde Iotti’s funeral, Napolitano himself delivered one of the orations.