Giovanna Civitillo talks about her first meeting with Amadeus: who would have thought it?

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo, their first meeting? The host’s wife tells how it went: who would have thought that?

A couple born under the spotlight, the one formed by Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo. It was 2003 when the conductor met his gaze, for him there was nothing more to do .. It can be said that Cupid darted his shot and caught the sign!

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo, all about their first meeting: who would have thought that? That’s exactly what happened! (Credits: Instagram)

And apparently Giovanna, today his beloved companion in life, was also hit by the arrow of love. Or maybe we could say that Giovanna was hit by the ‘shock’ of love! “Amadeus has turned my life upside down, but for the better!“, Lets know. The two fulfilled their dream of love, got married and had a son, José Alberto, forming a wonderful family. Today Amadeus is a beloved conductor and Giovanna is always there by his side to support him at work but also in private.

The two recently revealed the ‘secret’ of their love. We immediately understand that they are certainly a very solid and close-knit couple, just like we see them when they are in front of the cameras. However, many do not know the background of the first meeting between the conductor Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo. This is why we want to take a few steps back to get to those first moments, those of their first meeting!

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo, how was their first meeting? Few know, the background

They are very much in love, but if we went back in time what would we know about the first meeting between Giovanna Civitillo and Amadeus? We met Giovanna on TV, where she was a dancer. Then something changed because since the woman met the well-known conductor, her life has been completely turned upside down. But totally positive, as she herself makes it known because beyond her television career, which after their meeting she abandoned, what Giovanna Civitillo had at heart was building a family full of love. And we can say that she has absolutely achieved her goal. Today she says she is really happy.

Guest on Sunday Some time ago, however, the woman told in front of the cameras and the presenter Mara Venier some salient details of the first meeting that took place with the one who was then only a ‘suitor’ and who today is instead her life partner.

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Credits: Instagram

We were in the car and Amadeus jumped on me“, Tells the conductor’s wife to Mara Venier. However, the woman resisted her partner’s advances by not giving in to the first kiss on the first date. The first kiss, however, as we all know, then there was, and from that moment Giovanna and Amadeus have become inseparable!