Giovanna Civitillo tells of Amadeus’ anxiety: what the conductor is afraid of

In an interview with the weekly Oggi, Giovanna Civitillo revealed her husband Amadeus’ fear: would you ever have imagined it?

They have been together since 2003 and have since formed one of the most loved couples in the entertainment world: Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo they are united by a very solid love, which led to the birth of their son José Alberto, named in honor of Mourinho. Nobody knows the famous presenter better than his wife: she revealed to the weekly Today an aspect of her husband that perhaps no one imagined.

Giovanna Civitillo reveals Amadeus’ anxiety: what the host is afraid of (Credits: Instagram)

Met almost twenty years ago in the studio de The legacythe Rai1 showman had an assistant deliver a ticket asking her for an appointment in Corso Como in Milan and explained that if she accepted, for him it would have represented a signal of destiny to finally be able to find sentimental stability.

In 2009 they got married with a civil ceremony and ten years later they got married in churchafter the cancellation of the previous marriage of Amadeus from which the daughter named was born Alice.

To the newspaper Todaythe two have revealed the secret of the love that binds them and a curiosity about the conductor that you would never expect.

Amadeus, what is your fear: Giovanna Civitillo explains what her husband fears

Such a long-standing relationship can go through difficult phases and instead the love between the famous presenter and his wife seems to know ‘crisis’. What will their ‘secret’ be? “The total absence of selfishness. We are addressed to each other, never to ourselves. We are always there and vice versa ”, he explained Amadeus. “He comes first. I always think of him first and then of me. And first of all to José ”, Giovanna adds.

The very nice face of The usual unknownof the last three editions of Sanremo Festival and of many other Rai successes, he appears on TV always confident and confident, but he too has a weakness: “I’m hyper-hypochondriac”, he confessed in the interview.

A side of his character that inevitably also involves those around him. “A pimple is enough for him to think badly and make it a possible cause for anxiety. How do you live? Teasing him from morning to night. Joking about it. Otherwise we would go crazy, ”he said Giovanna.

What is Amadeus afraid of
Credits: Instagram

Would you have ever imagined that the cheerful Amadeus could have anxieties of this kind?